About Me

My earliest memory of riding a bike dates back to a vintage 1970s yellow banana seat bike.  My older sister, Suzy, taught me how to ride a bike on our neighborhood sidewalks of Springfield, Virginia, probably when i was 5, 6 or 7 years old.  I don't remember much other than once I finally learned how ride by myself, I rode down the sidewalk, and as I approached a corner mailbox, I couldn't turn (fast enough) and crashed into the mailbox.  I don't remember if I cried or ran home or what.  My only memory is that i crashed into that mailbox!

Another vivid memory is riding my bike to the neighborhood pool.  My sister, Minh-Ha, and I had one bike to share (I think this time it's another vintage 1970s red banana seat bike).  What would happen is one sister would start walking with our younger sister, Anh-Van, to the pool.  10-15 minutes later, the other sister on the bike would start riding and meet the two walking sisters at the pool.  Ahh, the good ole days when walking 1/2 mile to the pool was actually safe.

As a young adult just out of college, I remember biking with my Reltech co-workers in Arlington, Virginia.  I had to borrow a bike that was way too big for me.  I also didn't have a concept of changing gears.  As a result, I was always bringing up the rear.  At one point, my co-workers rode ahead of me and somehow I got lost on the bike path.  Must have been a Y in the path and I probably went the wrong way.  I ended up asking some people working on their lawn if I could use their phone (this is way before the cell phone days).  A little later, I was rescued and riding back to home base.

Since then, I've graduated to the amazing mountains of Marin County outside of San Francisco, California.  To get to this below view, I had to climb Hawk Hill on my granny gears in the front and the back for 45 minutes straight on a mountain bike.  I only wonder how much better I would have done on a road bike.  I don't have to wonder much longer; it'll be a few months when I'm out there again, this time on a touring bike.  Maybe next time, I'll be on my road bike...

Now a New Yorker (with lots of good restaurant food in me), I've become much more active.  Last year I did my 1st ever triathlon.  Click here to see my results (put in my first or last name).  Here's me after crossing the finish line with my very supportive family.

Last year, I also did my 1st ever century.  And, this year, doing a century was a no-brainer.  I actually did it with a cold/fever!

By day, I'm actually an Oracle database administrator/architect/programmer and data warehousing consultant.  For the past 6 years, I've been the Senior Data Architect at MongoNet.  After my ride, I'll look for a consulting position (anyone out there hiring?) as well as pursue my passion for the culinary arts and become the next Iron Chef.

When I am not working, cooking or exercising, I like to chill out in front of the TV watching the Ellen Degeneres Show (someone get me on this show or in the audience), Arrested Development (someone get this show back on TV) and Food 911 (someone get me on this show!).

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