Cross Countries

Cross Countries is a group of devoted young men on a mission to help the less fortunate. Cross Countries was established in 2004 when a member of the boys cross country team wanted to make a difference worldwide. This group of young men raised $46,000 and traveled to Kenya, Africa in 2006 to help paint, do cement work, and make general improvements to a hospital that desperately needed it. The second group was formed shortly after in 2006, raised $42,000 and would travel to Amachuma, Bolivia in 2009 to help level floors, install a water filtration system and lighting, and clean out a water reservoir in Bethel Hospital. the most recent group was formed in 2010 and raised $50,000 in order to make a trip back to Amachuma, Bolivia in the summer of 2012 to help with the still unfinished Bethel Hospital. This group of young men included nine present or former Oak Lawn High School cross country runners, that strive to make a difference in a place that desperately needs help.