About Our Host

Judy Yund is a huge part of what Cross Countries is and does. Judy is an inspirational woman that was born in the United States, but raised in Amachuma, Bolivia. She would become a very important person in Amachuma because she had a dream to build a fully-functioning hospital that would serve as the only one for miles. This facility is located in The Alto; an area that has an estimated population of 1.2 million people. This hospital is a way for many people to get medical treatment that would otherwise be forced to go without any help at all. When this facility is finished it will save many lives and give treatment to many people who are in desperate need of medical attention. This would not be possible without Judy. She is a nurse/mid-wife at the hospital and is one of the few staff that the hospital has. This hospital currently has only one doctor to handle a multitude of patients. Without Judy, this trip would not be possible and on behalf of Cross Countries we would like to thank her with all of our hearts!