Introduction to Philosophy





Zachary Seech's "Thesis Defense Papers"



Confessions (Augustine)

The Consolation of Philosophy (Boethius)

An Introduction to Philosophy: The Perennial Principles of the Classical Realist Tradition, by Daniel Sullivan

Leisure: The Basis of Culture (1952), by Josef Pieper

Happiness and Contemplation (1998), by Josef Pieper.

The Abolition of Man (1944), by C.S. Lewis.

The Dumb Ox (1933), by G.K. Chesterton.

On The Unseriousness of Human Affairs (2001), by James V. Schall.

The Life of the Mind: On the Joys and Travails of Thinking (2006), by James V. Schall.

The Order of Things (2007), by James V. Schall.

The Intellectual Life: Its Spirit, Conditions, Methods (1959), by A.D. Sertillanges.

Foundations of Thomistic Philosophy  (1931), by A.D. Sertillanges.

The Closing of the American Mind (1987), Allen Bloom.

The Idea of a University (1858), by John Henry Newman.

The Last Superstition (2008), by Edward Feser.

A Guide for the Perplexed, (1977), by E.F. Schumacher.

Ideas Have Consequences (1948), by Richard Weaver.

The Hungry Soul  (1994), by Leon Kass.