Croswell-Lexington Early College

Croswell-Lexington School District Announces Early College Concept in Cooperation with SC4

Port Huron, MI, January 8, 2010 – Croswell-Lexington Schools’ Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Miller, High School Principal, Theo Kerhoulas, and St. Clair County Community College President, Dr. Kevin Pollock, have formed an extraordinary partnership between the school district and the college.  Croswell-Lexington Schools and SC4 are joining their efforts to offer an early college program for Cros-Lex High School students.  While there are other “early colleges,” the Croswell-Lexington Early College pilot program will be the first of its kind in Michigan, as it will take place on the Cros-Lex campus at the Geiger College Center.

By taking a combination of high school classes, Advanced Placement classes, and college courses, high school students will be able to graduate from Croswell-Lexington Early College High School after five years with both a high school diploma and an Associates Degree.  The college credits earned in the program, up to 62, may also be transferable towards an undergraduate degree from a four-year college or university.  There will be NO tuition cost to the student or family for the courses taken in the Early College program.

“Our philosophy is that a K-12 education is simply not enough in today’s highly competitive world,” said Croswell-Lexington Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Miller.  “We realize the distance to the nearest college campus, the cost of tuition, and the time and cost of travel are too much for many students.  We are bringing the college campus to the students and eliminating the cost of tuition.  Now college-ready students in our area will have an opportunity to obtain that all-important college degree.”

The Croswell-Lexington Early College is committed to dramatically increasing the number of college graduates in both Sanilac and St. Clair Counties.  Only about 11% of Sanilac County residents possess an undergraduate degree, according to the Economic Development Intelligence System (EDIS).  The number is slightly higher in St. Clair County.

“I’ve seen too many incredibly capable, hard-working students from great families who don’t go on to college,” explains Theo Kerhoulas, Principal of Croswell-Lexington High School.  “Money and geography shouldn’t be a factor in one’s education.  Now at Cros-Lex, it won’t be.”

The program will be available to students who are currently sophomores at Croswell-Lexington High School or to those students who choose to enroll in the Croswell-Lexington School District next fall for their junior year.

Following are highlights of the Croswell-Lexington Early College High School Program:

  • Students who complete the three-year high school program (grades 11 and 12, plus additional year 13) will receive a traditional high school diploma from Croswell-Lexington Schools while they accumulate up to 62 college credits, an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree that will be completed in year 13.
  • Students complete up to six years of high school and college in just five years, finishing one full year ahead of traditional college students.
  • Not only is the program tuition-free, there is no cost for travel as all courses will take place on the Croswell-Lexington campus during the school day.
  • As demonstrated by other programs around the country, Early College students have dramatically higher college graduation rates than the general student population, and usually outperform traditional college students in college courses.
  • Students will experience a meaningful secondary and post-secondary educational program in a small school environment.
  • Students will participate in a small cohort group, attending college and high school classes together.
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SPRING BREAKS: We will no longer be able to take both Cros-Lex and SC4 Spring Break’s off. The college understands that there is a conflict and agreed that each class syllabus allows for at least three missed days without penalty.  You should pre-schedule these with your professors if you are going to be out of town.  The high school will honor the same arrangement if your family decides to go out of town during the SC4 break instead.

Tuesday May 29 all AP History Students meet with Mr. Kerhoulas and Mrs. Jolley @ 9:20.