Born 3rd May 1903. Died 14th October 1977

Recording Career 18th October 1926 to 10th October 1977
"He was the first hip white person born 
in the United States"- Artie Shaw


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Maintained by or on behalf of Bing Crosby Enterprises acting on behalf of Bing's family and heirs who have been prime movers in the issue of a number of CDs and DVDs through several outlets. The site to watch for news of official issues initiated by Bing Crosby Enterprises and it's associated concerns.

Run in conjunction with the above site. There are many members contributing brief comment. Again news of new official issues appears here and there are additionally regular notes of past activity quoting from Malcolm Macfarlane's "Bing Crosby, Day By Day" or the online version "Diary Of A Lifetime"

"Bing" is published three times a year for circulation to the membership of International Club Crosby. The web pages represent a valuable online resource for a wide variety of information.

A session based discography created by me, Richard Baker and now maintained by Malcolm Macfarlane.