International Club Crosby  

The ICC was founded in 1936 and is the world’s longest running fan club as recognised by the 'Guinness Book of World Records'.

'Bing' Magazine 

Published three times a year by the ICC and running to 60 illustrated pages. An essential publication for any dedicated fan. 

         Subsidiary pages to the 'Bing' magazine site, probably the most valuable single          on-line resource.  

These links are a short-cut but there is other content at the site, accessed by clicking on the main Magazine site above.

Information File   The facts, the statistics, the hits.

Diary Of A Lifetime Derived from the book 'Bing Crosby - Day By Day' by Malcolm Macfarlane, the editor of 'Bing' magazine, this covers Bing's daily activities. Where he went, filming schedules, recording and performance dates. If Bing did it, it's probably mentioned here!

A Songography  An extraordinarily comprehensive listing of all the songs Bing performed whether for record, radio, film or live performance. Even the short a cappella pieces included in radio interviews are here.

The Chronological Crosby A listing of the series of CDs issued by Jonzo so entitled, and the subsequent series from Sepia named 'Through The Years' which together offer a nearly complete sequence in correct chronological order of all the studio recordings from 1926 until the end of the association with Decca in 1955. 

An A-Z of Films The films, the performers, the songs, the songwriters and almost all else to do with Bing's films. 

Bing On TV  Programmes presented in chronological order with full narratives with Video and DVD issues.

Bing On Radio Programmes presented in chronological order with full narratives and LP and CD issues.

Bing on Sheet Music An alphabetical listing of songs where Bing appeared on the published music covers.

Bing on Magazine Covers  A listing of all known appearances of Bing on magazine covers during his lifetime.

Bing On 'V' Disc Listing of V-discs and notes of issues on CD and LP.

A Discography 

A comprehensive listing in date order of all commercial recording sessions and most radio shows, giving a selection of CDs (and for radio material, LPs) on which individual titles appear.

Subsidiary pages to the Discography. These links are a short-cut but there is other content at the site accessed by clicking on the main discography link above.

Studio Recordings: The Pre Decca Years 1928 - 1934    The Decca Years 1934-1955   

Post Decca Years to 1977   Recordings made for radio broadcast  'V' Discs

Radio:  Note that items unlikely to have survived are not listed  Pre Kraft Music Hall  

Kraft Music Hall 1935 -1946   Philco Radio Time 1946 - 1949  Chesterfield Cigarettes1949-1952   

General Electric 1952 - 1954  Other Radio and Miscellaneous

Films: Film Recordings

Indices: Songs  Song Writers  Performers

Bing's Photos

An increasing selection of photos and other material put together by Tony Mead.

Bing Crosby News Archive

Video clips and background narrative compiled by David Lobosco.

Bing On Yahoo

The Yahoo Groups supporters forum moderated by Mike McGregor. It may be necessary to join Yahoo Groups to fully access this page.

Ken Barnes' Laureate Forum

Ken Barnes produced a series of albums recorded by Bing in the last two years of his life, was responsible for the digitisation and refurbishment of some of Bing's films for DVD and produced three CDs with an additional orchestral accompaniment to recordings made by Bing in the 1950s with a small group led by Buddy Cole. All of these were very well received and the consensus of opinion is that Mr. Barnes was largely responsible for a considerable revival in interest in Bing during 1975 to 1977. He has written about his experiences of working with Bing on a number of occasions and wrote the book 'The Crosby Years'. 

Carolyn Schneider

Carolyn is a niece of Bing, (the daughter of Bing's sister Mary Rose) and has written about her memories of him in two books -'Bing Crosby: The Road To Elko' and 'Me and Uncle Bing'.

Immortal Talents of Bing Crosby 

Maintained by Crissi Newton, this site contains a variety of background information.

Contemplations On Classic Movies and Music

 A blog conducted by Jon Oye, with high proportion of Bing content including a 'Primer'.


By William F. Torpey. Includes a number of essays and an item 'An overdue tribute to Bing Crosby'

American Popular Culture Began With Bing 

By Henry Zecher. 

The World Of Kevin Daly 

Kevin was the producer of two of Bing's later recordings. He had a short but fascinating life. His life story here, which touches upon the recordings of 'Tom Sawyer' and 'Feels Good, Feels Right'