The first map locates the ranch on Google Maps:

2) Click on the following link for a separate page showing directions to the ranch (to return to this page click on MAPS in upper left corner of the map): Directions to CCR.

3) This map is a boundary map showing the Ranch and the 4 phases of the Conservation Easement. The first easement is the portion in light green. This was done in 2007. The second phase is in light-red and is the portion for 2008. In 2009 we added the lower portions, in yellow, to the easement. And lastly, the blue portion will be added in 2010 (this date has been delayed until the market returns and the State improves the easement process). Also included in this map are the potential building sites allowed by the agreement with the Cattleman's Land Trust.

The first slide shows the ranch in context with Steamboat (lower left) and Walden (upper right)

This map shows the four Conservation sections.


This map shows Ranch landmarks and the trails in existence the end of 2015 (yellow). The red trails are proposed for construction in 2017.               

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