In 2008 we started to build a cabin next to the small pond below the ranch compound. The year before, a bandsaw mill was purchased to make productive the dead Lodgepole Pines that populated the ranch. Although we have several hundred dead trees on the property, not many were large enough in diameter to use as framing members of the timber-frame construction we decided to use. Joe Bonn out of Steamboat was chosen to build the main structure. He used timbers he procured out of North Routt County. The main frame is primarily built with 10" X 12" timbers. 

The wood from the ranch was used for most of the other construction including all of the interior paneling and the porch framing and roof. The siding was milled in Steamboat by Joe Bonn, brought over to the ranch and stained by family members. The frame, infill, and siding was constructed by carpenters working for Joe Bonn.

This section of the web-site will display some of the pictures of the construction and document the progress of the building of the cabin.


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