Caesar Rodney High School 2014-2015



Course Information

Grade Level: 9

Credit: 1

Room: D102


Instructor Information

Teacher: Ms. Margaret Crosby



Phone: 302-697-2161 ext. 4102

Course Policies

1. Attendance: You are expected to be in class every day.  Since this course is designed to include labs, your presence and participation are essential.  Class will alternate on the Freshman Academy schedule.  Class will begin promptly every day.  Tardiness will not be accepted.


2. Make-Up Work:It is your responsibility to get and make-up work when you have been absent.  Any assignments that you need to complete will be in the class folders up front.  Any notes you have missed will either have to be copied from a classmate or retrieved from the class website.  You will have the amount of time you missed to complete make-up work.  Ex: If you are out for 2 days, you have 2 days after you return to complete the work you missed.


3. Late Work: All work must be turned in on time.  Classwork can usually be corrected but only if it is turned in on time.  This does not include make-up work so long as the make-up work policy is followed.


4. Textbook: Textbooks will not be handed out to each student, but may be signed out at any point in the year as a resource.


5. Lab: Labs will be performed regularly throughout the course.  Any form of misconduct in the lab may result in removal from future labs and/or a zero on the lab.


6. Assessments:  Students may elect to revise 1 assessment during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd marking period only based on the following criteria:

1.       Must have failed the assessment (less than 70%)

2.       The grade earned on the make-up assessment will be the final grade for the assessment.

3.       There will be NO retake during the 4th marking period.


7. Grading:  Grades will be based on a weighted system, as follows

Category Weights:

                Assessments (tests, quizzes, projects, presentations, etc…)                        60%

                Classwork/Homework:                                                                                        40%


8. Supplies: Students are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to keep the following:

a.      One spiral notebook (ONLY FOR SCIENCE)

b.      One three ring binder

c.      Dividers - one labelled "Notes" and the other "Classwork"

d.      Writing implements (pens, pencils, etc.)

e.      Loose leaf paper


9. Guidelines for Success

a.      Be Positive!

b.      Be Prompt!

c.      Be Productive!

d.      Be Prepared!

e.      Be a Participant!

10. Classroom Rules:

           a. Show respect to everyone and everything
           b. Be prepared for class
           c. Be in your assigned seats and be ready to work when class begins
           d. Keep your desk and our classroom clean
           e. Follow all the school rules.


11.   Academic Honesty:  Cheating or any form of plagiarism will not be tolerated and could result in the following consequences:

a.       Parents will be called and informed of the incident

b.       Student receives a Zero on the assignment

c.       Student’s academic misconduct will be CONFIDENTIALLY communicated to all of his/her teachers