Matt Crosby in Tokyo season of Everyman & the Pole Dancers by Lech Mackiewicz Photo - Hiroshi Osuga
photo - Hiroshi Osuga

Hi there, welcome. Here is a site that carries information, image and video of shows I've collaborated on in various ways. It's not a full list. The selections are based on various criteria - availability of material, time to edit, copyright... 

I've concentrated a lot on theatre that speaks on more levels than the realistic. I like bold image-making and lots of energy. I think theatre has a political edge to it, no matter in what form it's done, because by showing ourselves to ourselves we incite change. It's about the storytelling. Theatre is a unique ritual that we've all been developing for a very long time that gives our shadows contrast, that gives our secrets voice. Really glad to be creating and sharing in it.

I train in Tadashi Suzuki's Method with some hardened wayfarers, and my pursuits in Tokyo with tent-theatre company Shinjuku Ryozanpaku, as the years go by, becomes more and more important - if only for the amount of time I've spent there. The collaboration with them and Auto Da Fe on Everyman and The Pole Dancers in 2014 was exciting.

I've been fortunate to receive patronage. Asialink, The Japan Foundation, Arts Victoria, Ozco, The Bunka Cho (文化庁) and The Playking Foundation have been instrumental in fostering the relationship I have developed with Shinjuku Ryozanpaku and other artists in Tokyo and Korea since 1995. Before that, I have Playbox Theatre and Carrillo Gantner's pioneering work in building working relationships with artists in Asia to thank. The Macbeth with Tadashi Suzuki's SCOT theatre company and Playbox in 1992 is the reason I went to Japan in the first place and subsequent tour of King Lear to Tokyo, Nagoya and Seoul showed me what was possible.

My Japanese language study continues on a daily basis. There are times I wish I'd chosen French, but hey, one has to spend one's time somehow doesn't one?

Drop me a line if you'd like to find out about upcoming shows or our twice weekly Suzuki training sessions.
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Matt Crosby - photo Jack Kirby Crosby
Photo - Jack Kirby Crosby

Matt Crosby in Sandakan Threnody, by Ong Keng Sen, Singapore, Brisbane, Melbourne Festival, 2004
photo - Jo Calleri
Matt Crosby in The Maids by Jean Genet, La Mama Melbourne, directed by Suzanne Chaundy, 2011
photo - Jo Calleri
Matt Crosby in Testimony by Graham Henderson, directed by Suzanne Chaundy, 2010
photo - Jo Calleri
Matt Crosby in Matsaburo - Angel of the Wind by Juro Kara, directed by Sujin Kim, Melbourne 2006
photo Anton Honda
Matt Crosby in Toto Nakamura by Matt Crosby, directed by Deborah Leiser Moore, Melbourne 2009
photo Eiichi Tosaki