The urllib Module

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Urllib Module

 Download and View Video

import appuifw, e32

# import urllib

import urllib

print "press options"

# function that handles the fetching and the playing of the video

def fetching():

# define the url where the video file is located on the server

url = "YOU URL HERE"

# define the loction on the phone where the fetched video file shall be stored

tempfile = "e:\\video.3gp"


print "Retrieving information..."

# fetch down the video and store it to you hard drive

urllib.urlretrieve(url, tempfile)

# create an active object before playin the video


# a content handler handles the playing of the video

# load the content handler and tell to release the active object after the video has finnished playing (lock.signal)

content_handler = appuifw.Content_handler(lock.signal)

# open the video via the content handler. It will start playing automatically

# Wait for the user to exit the image viewer.


print "Video Plating finished."


print "Errors!"

def quit():


# define the application menu with one choice "get video" and call the fetching video = [(u"get video", fetching)] = u"Get video" = quit

app_lock = e32.Ao_lock()