Swap Profile

Make Your Mobile Think !

(By Pankaj Nathani)

  • SwapProfile is a location based mobile application built with Python for S60 for Nokia S60 3rd Edition devices. This application is specially designed for devices without an inbuilt GPS receiver.
  • The application performs the function of swapping/changing the user profiles based upon the location of the mobile device. For e.g. it can automatically switch to silent profile in areas such as school, colleges, hospitals, etc and can be switched automatically to general at home, office, etc..


7 May 2008 : SwapProfile was presented at Mobile Rules Expo 2008, at Nokia Head Quarters, at Espoo, Finland

15 Feb 2008 : SwapProfile is among the 12 finalists that have been short listed for the Technology Innovation Competition 2008

This application  has not been released to public yet.

 If you require any more details regarding Swap Profile, please contact me.