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More Modules for Py60 

Python for S60 native extension modules (.PYD's) are libraries that enable access to platform functionality not provided by the standard PyS60 distribution.

If you want to write your own extensions, see the PyS60 creating extensions. The Porting to S60 discussion board at Forum Nokia may also be helpful.

  • You can HERE find an updated list of all existing pyd with more details for easy picking !
  • Researchers at HIIT have developed lots of goodies for Python as a part of the Personal Distributed Information Store project, like:
    • Miso 1.41, a library providing access to various native phone APIs, including Bluetooth name and address, IMEI code, free disk and heap space, vibrate and taking pictures with the camera (`jpeg_bytes = miso.take_photo()`) Miso Source (if you want examples or an idea how to extending Python in C++ !),
    • pyexpat for S60,
    • S60 Compatibility Library v0.4, a wxPython-based library that allows you to develop appuifw applications on your computer (Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows),
    • noninteractive Bluetooth discovery using their own socket module (see pdis-0.10/symbian/ao-socket/test_programs/test_resolver_*.py),
    • info on building C++ (and Pyrex) extensions with sdk2unix, including a PyS60 SDK install script,
    • the PDIS program itself, which is probably the largest application ever built with Python for S60, and more. The source is "not for the faint of heart", but a useful resource nonetheless.
  • Pyrex For S60/Python: Create pyrex extensions to S60/Python.
  • Cell Phone programming IAP 2006 A site with software for developping extension in C++ for pys60 !
 import mmsmodule
retcode = mmsmodule.mms_send(u"012345678", u"Test message", u"e:\\temp\\image.jpg")

Note: the messaging module shipped with version 1.3.8 now has the same function, so soon this extra module is not needed anymore.

  • CallStatus module (gets current call status) developed by group 451 spring 2006 at Aalborg University from the Pys60 sysinfo template. Returns value 0 to 9 (0 = callNone , 1= callVoice, 2 = callFax, 3 = callData, 4 = callAlerting, 5 = callRinging, 6 = callAlternating, 7 = callDialling, 8 = callAnswering, 9 = callDisconnecting )
import CallStatus
  • keypress v1.02 module containing two functions for simulation of any key press) developed by group 451 at Aalborg University and Cyke64. Include !

Now an unsigned dev cert free keypress 1.02 is also available and only available with specific 3rd pys60.It runs only with new pys60 unsigned dev cert. keypress needs special capabilities not available with selfsigned pys60 !!!

from key_modifiers import *
from key_codes import *
import keypress
# Display "a"
# Display "1"
  • image1st Allow to old phones Image saving and loading and the famous ImageViewer compatible 1st from Nokia (Apache 2 License by Nikhil Vaj and Otsov and Cyke64)
import image1st
bitmap = image1st.convertimage(selected_file)
bm = Image.from_cfbsbitmap(bitmap)
  • uikludgesThis extension enables you to change the label on the right softkey. Currently it is always 'Exit', even if you can change the action is it binded. This enables you to change it to for example 'Nav' !
import uikludges
  • Dashboard from simo salminen contains two interesting library :
  • iapconnect.pyd cheap socket.socket(tcp/ip socket) replacement that enables automatic connecting using predefined internet access point.

binary package for 3rd :(unsigned) and (selfsigned)

  • akntextutils.pyd (wrapping text module akntextutils.wrap_text_to_array() )
  • wap extension enable WAP download from a URL to a file. It is working on small file (ie 1-2Ko) but fails with larger one :( source code. Look at talks about this module
import wap
wap.get_file(url, gw, file)
  • sysagent 1.11 module. Now you can test if your SIM is ok , phone is connected to charger , current call status , inbox is empty , outbox is empty , your battery status ... More files and explanation
  • Albert Huang built a new version of aosocketnativenew.pyd (from the PDIS project) that flushes the device cache before each inquiry (and gives the option to either always lookup names before returning -- resolving -- or returns as soon as it finds a bluetooth id) aosocketnativenew.pyd and a test driver python code for this modified library
  • lightblue 0.1 provides a simple interface to access basic bluetooth operations such as device and service discovery, RFCOMM sockets, and file sending and receiving over OBEX.
* Source opensource wiki