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Hello Folks,

Many people who are new to python for S60 which is an Open source are looking for proper guidance on net regarding the same.Forum Nokia has already provided a platform to such people by including Python in their discussion boards.But this is my small effort to help such people by providing them some basic information and small sample applications using python.

For now I have provided a basic training session to people who are totally new to python here.I have divided the sessions into two phases as below:

Getting Started With Python S60 :

The traning sessions are availabe according to different phases. Also you can see the examples classified according to modules.

Modules-wise examples[new]

More Phases and module-wise example are added regularly to this page advanced developers. So do stay in Touch!

We have built a new site www.croozeus.com which has more Pys60 Tutorials, Pys60 Talks, Pys60 Applications and much more,

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Words from Me:

 (7 July 2008) I have ported our site to www.croozeus.com, where we have more extensive tutorials for you! Also you can read my blog on www.croozeus.com/blogs

(16 March 2008) As you all know I am planning to port this site on to a server. Also the tutorials will be expanded so that learners of PyS60 can profit more from this site. Those of you who would like to donate to this cause can click donate.

(27 February) Yesterday, I was selected as aForum Nokia Champion 2008-2009 by www.forum.nokia.com This is really a honour for me.

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(16 February 2008) Yesterday the 12 Finalist were announced for the Mobile Technology Innovation Competition 2008 by Mobile Rules. And yes its good news I am one of the Finalists with my "Swap Profile" Technology. The other technologies shortlisted for the final can be found atwww.mobilerules.com/technology

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(3 February 2008) On 31st Jan I became the Super contributor on the Forum Nokia Discussion Boards after posting my 500th Post on the Forums.

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(29 January 2008) Updated Analysis and Feedback!

According to the graph and the number of visitors, Its nice to see that many people visit my site and hope it is helpful to all! If you have any suggestions and queries do feel free to contact me !

(21 January 2008) Today the very waited Python for S60 1.4.2 was released (just hours ago!) Try it for sure. Its has many bugs removed from the previous version. And the most important new feature that I liked was the Log module is now available! This will really widen python implementations.

Get details and download latest Python for S60


Logs Module to access the phone logs.
The logs offers generic access to the phone's log. Via logs's API it is possible to access, for example, the list of received calls or the list of sms received. At this stage, it is only possible to read logs.

You can see more details on my blogs as well.

(7 January 2008) Hello,I hope this will please many of the visitors of my page. I have been receiving many emails and being asked to start a Blog. Atlast I have started Blogging. Here is my Blog.


Your Comments and Suggestions are welcome as always.

(25 December 2007) Hello Friends, Merry X'mas to all of you and Happy New year (2008) in adavnce. Hope the new year bangs in with new and innovative ideas for python as well as for other platforms for mobile application Development.Thanks for all your wishes and emails..I am planning to start a Blog or something for all of you so that you can interact and comment there. Merry X'masto all.

(18 December 2007) There are many applications coming up with Mobile sensor APIs. We have all the applications compiled on a page in FN Wiki. Its a must watch page for all the developers...


(2 December 2007) Last week I published a page as a token of gratitude for Forum Nokia.The page was dedicated to the Forum Nokia Team.It contained comments and Quotes from FNCs as well as regular contributors.

You can watch it here

(23 Nov 2007) I have started working with python on my latest N95 and plunged into the world of 3rd edition.There seem many complicated things but once gone through successfully they are really simple.These include signing the sis files with your own development certificate, using ensymble for py2sis as making sis file for 3rd edition procedure is different then from the 2nd edition phones.But all in all we can use the new and the latest features of the 3rd edition devices. And in N95 specially the Sensor (also with 5500) So long till next time!

(11 Nov 2007): I Have added a new page to the site, a new feature instead, i.e. Analysis and Feeback. This page is information regarding how much the site is acessed by the users all around the world and which areas its accessed the most! Also it contains Feedback info that you users can provide to me regarding the page!

(9 Nov 2007): Yesterday I was announced as Forum Nokia Poster Of The Month ( POM ) for October, 2007 by the highly esteemed Forum Nokia Developer Community (www.forum.nokia.com) Its an honour for me to be to be presented with such a Title from Forum Nokia. Check out the details on the DiBos and Blogs by clicking

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(2 Nov 2007) :I have seen so many threads and posts on the DiBos regarding the topic how to send SMS via PC using a Nokia Device and using a higher level programming language as the Platform.So i Compiled a page from the info that was available. Click Here.

Book cover (17 Oct 2007): We have now the long awaited book released...Cheers!!

Mobile Python – Rapid Prototyping on the Mobile Platform is a hands-on introduction to Python for S60, written by Ville Tuulos and Jürgen Scheible. The book is about the well-known Python programming language brought to the Nokia smartphones. After reading this book, you will know how to turn your mobile phone to an artistic tool, web server, or a robot brain! Buy the book from Amazon or directly from Wiley. For more information, see the book website.


(16 Oct 2007): Python for S60 1.4.1 is now released. This is the final, officially signed release.More features and improved modules...

Cheers!!!!!! :)

View Details of Python 1.4.1 release

(7 Oct 2007): Hello Today I have published an example for os.getcwd() which you can find here

(26 Sep 2007) :Hello, I am working to try to put some real applications that provide some utility to the user and also such applications that make use of more and more features of python so that developers can get an idea as how to start making real time useful applications. This feature will be added to the site shortly.

(25 Sep 2007) : Hello Friends, Developing applications in python is one thing. Moreover advanced developers in python can also try to write extensions for python.Extensions can be written using C/C++. I have started working on them under guidance of cyke.But its really different from writing applications in python.

(For the people who don't know what an extension means, Its like a user created module.We can use this extension to write our applications in python.

Import messanging

messanging is a inbuilt module in python.So I am talking about writing more such useful modules for better prospects for Python)

Some Extensions can be found in the modules section.


Any Questions and Queries can be mailed to me (Pankaj Nathani) at croozeus [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Also you can post your Queries at www.forum.nokia.com

You can Join the Google group to take part in the forums and discussions on Python for S6o topics there. Click Here to join Google group Python for S60.

Moreover you can also contact me on Forum Nokia.My FN id is croozeus.


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