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Extension Modules for Py60

C++Py60 Extensions


Python for S60 python modules (.py's) are libraries that enable access to functionality not provided by the standard PyS60 distribution.  

Latest Modules added: 

KeyPress 0.5

  •  This python module allow you to determine Nokia phone model. Only work for Nokia S60 phones ! ISSUE : Don't work with N80 :( Apache license 2.0 by Cyke64 and Korakotc

 import firmware
print firmware.phone_model


  •  Python for S60 doesn't have a decend date/time class.

There's a small compatible library from the Python Web Project and adapted by korakotc. You can see doc here

 >>> import datetime
>>> now = datetime.datetime(2003, 8, 4, 12, 30, 45)
>>> print now
2003-08-04 12:30:45
>>> print repr(now)
>>> print type(now)
<type 'instance'>
>>> print now.year, now.month,
2003 8 4
>>> print now.hour, now.minute, now.second
12 30 45
>>> print

This module provides two classes OrderedDict, and SequenceOrderedDict. The module is written by Nicola Larosa and Michael Foord.
The ordered dictionary is a dictionary-like object (actually a subclass
of the normal dictionary data type) that keeps keys in insertion order.
BSD License

Adapted from Jason Orendorff's Original publishing here

 A sets implementation for Python 2.2 by Raymond Hettinger 

  Generate and play midi file or play a note ! It's adapted by Korakotc from original pythonmidi

>>> from smidi import play
>>> play([(64,192), (32, 192)])  

 Generate a tone with au file. original source by Korakot 

Allowing to trace execution from py_s60 app ! Author is Cyke64 GPL license.

import random
import traceS60
def main():
print "In main"
for i in range(5):
print i, random.randrange(0, 10)
print "Done."
# very important give in trace object the REAL path of your script !

Cerealizer 0.3 pickle replacement 

 Pys60 does not currently have working pickle module, so it was ported to python 2.2. It has not tested this much, so beware. See the readme.pys60 for more info. 

show configuration dialog form which is build from python dict

This module is a modification of the original one supplied with pyS60 1.4. It enables a new 'position' parameter to 'start_finder' method, so you choose any available camera for viewfinder. Adaptation by Daniel Montero [damonmo[at]]