Thank You Forum Nokia

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Forum Nokia Developer community has always supported the developers of mobile application all over the world.It has always given support to the developers by providing them with Resources and Guidance through various services as possible. There is a backstage team (FORUM NOKIA TEAM) that works hard to provide us this support.

This page is dedicated to the people behind the Forum Nokia Developer Community that is the Forum Nokia Team

We the members of the community extend a sincere thanks to the FORUM NOKIA TEAM for always supporting us and providing us with helpful developer resources. Thus we express our gratitude towards Forum Nokia Team.

Below are comments from some of the Forum Nokia Champions , Forum Nokia award winners and some active and regular Forum Nokia members as to "How Forum Nokia has supported and helped in their developments".


Cyke64 :
"Forum Nokia is offering many services for supporting my development : a very
helpful community of professional developers , a documentation wiki , blogs etc.
It has inspired me ideas and helps me in the development of many Python S60 extensions modules. It has recognized me a Champion for my involvement in the Python community.
This award allowed me to meet my fellows Champions all around the world in some specials
events. Forum Nokia is getting better day after day offering more and more services for helping your development : RDA , device loaning etc. I'm proud to be part part of this connected mobile community.
Thank to you Forum Nokia."


"I remember when i was new to symbian, i must say that all that i had was Forum Nokia, the best part of it is, huge participation from people all over the world, I think it is a must resource for any new or experienced developer. I personally thank to all the members of Forum Nokia and the team behind it, they are always helpful"   


"Forum Nokia is a great platform for the developers like us. In my early stages of development the FN has helped me lot in understanding the S60 development process through the Discussion Board (DiBo). Now the community has improved a lot after the launch of the Wiki. I was started creating the article in FN Wiki as a central repository to store my sample codes and to share it with my fellow members of the FN community. It has a very rich content so that this will reduce the developers asking redundant questions on the DiBo."    


 y.a.k: "I am developing using Python for S60. The people I have met on Forum Nokia helped me a lot during the early days when a lot of things were new to me. The kindness and professional help made every visit to the discussion board a pleasure. Today, I consider myself an experienced Python for S60 (and Python in general) developer. Forum Nokia is now a place for me, where I can share my developments with other users and help them like others helped me before. It's fun to be part of it.


 jethro.fn: "I'm Jussi Ylänen from Finland. My S60-related activities focus on providing software development tools for officially unsupported platforms, such as Linux and Mac OS X. So far I've released two software packages to aid "Python for S60" programmers working on non-Windows environments: Python-to-SIS, the next generation ( and Ensymble ("

" The most useful is the discussion board of course, ideal place to find solution for problems
Wiki is also useful, but there is more or less the same, what is in SDK help, examples 
and white papers..
The open source activity of the Nokia is not relevant until now for commercial development
The great is the possibility of asking Nokia per 200EUR, when I have a problem, 
it's cheap and their support team has great knowledge and is quite open to help."

"Forum Nokia  is among the  best  reference  for symbian   developement and  it   also  values for
 their developers by motivating  them through  organizing   Competitions  and gifting developers with
 their necessities . Forum Nokia discussion boards provides the right solution in very minimal  time 
thus contributing   in our  Development life cycle .
Thanks  to Forum Nokia   for  their endless support .


"Talk about mobile application development and Forum Nokia tops the list. Forum Nokia developer community has always helped and supported the mobile application developers in any and every way possible. The features like the DiBos is the ideal place for the developers around the world to interact and share their knowledge.The Wiki has now greatly developed and has piled up loads of articles that are informative to developers.Thanks Forum Nokia. Please accept this page as a Gift and as a symbol of our gratitude towards the Forum Nokia Team

"The FN University PRO program - in particular, Harri Pennanen and Nina Tammelin - 
as well as the FN Champion program have been supporting the ETH Zurich's and my research
 in mobile and pervasive game design research for years now. For their ongoing and varied dedication,
I applaud them - and yes, it is fun to hang out with the FN crowd, too;-)!"

 "Forum Nokia has kept me abreast of the latest mobile technologies and equipment in a 
rapidly changing environment. Their continual support has helped foster the development of
innovative applications that have shown the potential of mobile multimedia computing. 
By creating a community of like-minded individuals, Forum Nokia have create an environment
 where innovation can be accelerated through global creative and technical partnerships"

Priju Jacob Paul:

" Forum Nokia has always helped me right from the start.The learning path was a bit tough and members of FN-Dibo was always there to provide me an helping hand. Without this wonderfull DIBO by Nokia I wouldnt have gained knowledge on this platform. Its a place where people can share their thoughts,get tips and also provide some tips and tricks to others. The Wiki also is a wonderfull resource for both newbies and exp guys! "