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(This Website is created and managed by Pankaj Nathani)

Hello friends,

I am planning to port this site on to a webserver.

Before doing this I am planning to have the tutorials of Pys60 expanded and be more helpful to the learners of Python for S60.

Many of you have befitted from this site and the tutorials. Every day I receive many emails regarding doubts and queries relating to PyS60 and I make sure to take out some time from my busy schedule to reply to those emails so that it may be helpful to the developers.

Now that I plan to expand this site, I require contribution from all the people around the world who use this site. You contribution will not be in the form of Money. But it will be in the form of articles and code snippets and small running applications that could benefit the developers if published on the site.

 So do get your articles, code snippets and applications and send them to me. Basically I am looking for the code examples of modules that have been probably missed so far on this site and need to be added. Articles and applications (with source) are welcome.

(Note: Applications will not be sold through this channel)

 Please make sure all the content that you submit is original and not a copy of some other publication 

(If so please do mention the Source/ Reference )

You can send me all your content that you wish to contribute at 

Please have the subject as "My Contribution" in your email. 

If your content is published your name will be published as a contributor to the tutorial on the site as well.

Note: This is a voluntary task and is meant to help the developers of Pys60. No one gets paid for Submitting any content to the site.