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Avancemos 2 At Home Tutor

At Home Tutor
Avancemos 2 will be the guide for our class.  Instead of using the book, students will just use the At Home Tutor.  This is the best webstie I have found for a homeschool Spanish class.  The only negative is that this program has a faulty grading system.  I do not expect students to receive 100% for the most part.  The program counts an answer wrong if there is missing punctuation or if capitalization differs from the program's answer.  Once a student gets one answer wrong in a section, they receive a zero for the entire section (even though the student may have answered the other 4 questions in the section perfectly). 
Because of this, my expectation is that students will: 1) ask questions regarding the correctness of their answer if it is marked wrong and the student feels certain their answer is right;  2) ask questions if they do not know how to answer; and 3) spend a reasonable amount of time completing the At Home Tutor assignments.  Students should not waste their time by changing their answers and redoing the entire assignment in order to receive a 100%.  Neither should they waste this opportunity to learn by spending very little time and making the excuse that the program was marking everything wrong so they gave up.