We are so pleased that you have found the CRoFTT Benefice website and we hope you will enjoy finding out about our five very different, lovely parishes. Our churches are open every day and you are very welcome to visit and look around the beautiful buildings; to take time for a quiet moment of reflection or to leave a prayer request.  Our churches are warm and peaceful places – and you are very welcome to visit us at anytime!

You will find all our services listed on this home page and you are welcome to join us at any act of worship whether you have a Christian faith, are wondering about spiritual things or just love the ‘feel’ of beautiful old buildings.

If you would like to find out more about the Christian faith do contact us at the Benefice Office or through this website.

Click here for more information about individual churches.

Our Benefice Office can be reached at 01454-269600 or office@croftt.org.uk and all enquiries regarding Weddings and Baptisms should be made in the first instance to the office.

Revd. Sue Phillipson-Masters (Lead Chaplain)


Gloucester Diocese has issued new Churchyard Regulations which can be viewed on out Documents page.

A Letter from Rev Sue & Revd Frances

Dear Parishioner,

This is an uncertain time for us all as we face the Coronavirus situation.

As a church we are given guidance with regard to services, which of course we will continue to heed in order to keep all those who come to worship as safe as possible.

However, in our villages over these next weeks there may be people who have to “self-isolate “ for precautionary measures or because they have contracted the virus themselves. There may also be people who have family who are not able to travel to visit and care for them. It is hard to be on your own in these situations.

Revd Frances and I are very concerned that as a church family we support, to the best of our ability, those in need within the communities. It may just be a phone conversation that would help, so please do let us know if you – or someone you know 
is in need.

As we all try and keep safe, the family of the church will be praying for all within our village communities.
Rev Sue  and Revd Frances.
Rev Sue:  01454-600674   revsue@croftt.org.uk
Revd Frances:  01453-519099   revfrances@croftt.org.uk

This Week's Sunday Services


October 4th               CROMHALL          

           October 11th             FALFIELD

October 18th             TORTWORTH

October 25th             ROCKHAMPTON  and



These are all Benefice Services and will be at 10:30am.

This month the services will mostly be Holy Communion.

Booking your place! Never thought we’d have to do something like this!

Numbers are limited in the churches as we adhere to the 2m social distancing guideline, and so we need to ask you to let Jan know by the Wednesday before the service if you wish to attend a service. We will then be able to work out how many people we can safely accommodate in the church. If you are in a ‘bubble’ with another family or family member who would like to come, please will you say so when you either phone Jan or email her. We will use a first-come basis if we find we cannot accommodate everyone.

If we find we cannot safely get people into the church for a service, then that person/those people will be put at the top of the list for the following week if they wish.

Please do understand that if you come to a service ‘on spec’ and have not let us know, much though we would love to welcome you, it may not be possible to do so if all the spaces have been allocated for that particular day – I cannot really see that happening, but we must be prepared for all eventualities. We will do our best!

To attend a service please let our Benefice Administrator Jan Leach know:

email office@croftt.org.uk or phone: 01453-845324

According to present government guidelines, we ask you to wear masks in church and we will ask you to leave your contact details. There will be hand sanitiser for your use as you enter the church.

If you have any questions please do phone or email either Jan as above or Rev Sue: revsue@croftt.org.uk (01454-600674) or Revd Frances:  revdfrances@croftt.org.uk (01453-519099)

Events & Activities