Member News--Blue Star and Bay Wise

Following our lead, several clubs in District II have begun having their members' gardens Bay Wise certified.  The goal is to have all members of District II Bay Wise Certified.

Our Bay Wise project received a NATIONAL conservation award!

In case you missed it, our club shared the spotlight with Naval Academy Garden Club in winning the District II Environmental contest.  Since both clubs did an outstanding job, the prize money was divided with each club winning $125.

In addition to winning prize-money, we are all winners by using bay-wise gardening practices to Save the Bay.

Christine led a workshop on how to have our properties Bay Wise certified and several members have started the process and are on their way to becoming certified.  The following members have received certification:

2007 - Christine Scee
June 3, 2010--Robin Gill
June 10, 2010--Debbie Werre
June 17, 2010--Mary Jo Robey  
June 21, 2010--Brenda Darr
July 12, 2010--Margo Harvey
July 13, 2010--Anna O'Kelly
July 15, 2010--Kay Osburnsen
July 19, 2010--Melanie Merkle
July 22, 2010--Ellen Pearson
July 22, 2010--Mandy McNeely
July 28, 2010--Pat Steelman
July 30, 2010--Theresa Lawrence
August 3, 2010--Sandy Burch
August 3, 2010--Sylvia Deck
August 5, 2010--Coco Kennedy
August 11, 2010--Donna Buchman
August 16, 2010--Vickie Newberry
August 28, 2010--Lisa Marcus
August 2011--Sally Kemp
October 2012--Melissa Peirce
July 2013--Vicki Lomax
October 2015--Linda Disney

Anna OKelly,
May 24, 2011, 6:04 PM
Anna OKelly,
May 24, 2011, 6:04 PM