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Lost Legions - X-Men Legacy #250

I liked. I liked a lot.  However I had to read it twice! The team has changed drastically since before Age of X. This issue sees Frenzy, still turning over a new leave, joining Gambit, Magneto, Professor X, Rogue (team leader) and the reformed, not so crazy Legion, son of Xavier.

In short, the team is tasked with finding some of Legion's lost personalities that did not get absorbed with Moira during the Age of X hell-week. First on the list: Time-Sink, who, as you can guess, can control time. He can make things slow down, speed up and even go back and forth through time. Interesting powers to say the least. He has glowing fists: one red, one blue but their purpose I haven't distinguished.

They take him on one-by-one so as to give Professor X time to grasp his mind and make Rogue invisible to him so she can absorb his powers enough to render him unconscious. Pretty nifty. I was wondering why they were tackling him solo until Legion, the last to combat him, explains their plan as he seemingly is about to fall just a Rogue plants her hands from behind around his temple.

Legion reabsorbs Time-Sink while Rogue uses the memories she has gained to tell the team the renegade personalities' plans: separate, go to Europe and not make any noise. The team heads to Europe with Magneto and Rogue flying ahead. Frenzy and Gambit have a side argument over each other's histories, which is the relayed in the next page by a hypnotized pyschic surrounded by a group of people in a dungeon like setting as an alien like figure emerges. I assume it's one of Legion's personalities but have no idea who. He seems most of afraid of Styx (one of the six personalities that was not reabsorbed) so perhaps that's him.

Also, they refer to these personalities as having had physical bodies during the Age of X story arc, such as Moira but I don't remember that being a topic of discussion at all until this issue. Retcon, perhaps or maybe I glossed over it.

Anyway, all this took place and it's only story one of two in this oversized #250 issue. The second story deals with Rogue and Rachel. Rachel and the rest of the new Starjammers (Havok, Polaris, Korvus and others) were locked in a battle royale, completely outnumbered and down to plan Z: send Rachel for help through the astral plane and hope she makes contact with anyone worth contacting. Unfortunately for Rachel, as she reaches Earth, Legion's personality, Moira, took over and created the Age of X.

Rachel was a super star, along with Legion, in that other reality but she should never have been there to begin with. I believe the explanation for her physical embodiment in that realm is the same for Legion's manifested escaped personalities, which isn't explained either but is simply accepted. When Legion, forced to his senses, reabsorbs Moira, that reality disintegrated and Rachel's body began to disappear since it was never there to begin with!

She begs Rogue for help to understand why she was even there because during the fallout, she lost her memories. Rogue absorbs what she can and through that we learn of Rachel's purpose: to send help. Rogue warns Cyclops of the impending doom falling the star stuck team, saying whatever he plans to do, he better hurry.

We end this chapter with Rachel awakening in a small room in a spaceship. A figure emerges from the shadows but is hidden off panel. He (She?) tells Rogue that her friends are tortured and killed by his (her) hands and Rachel better having something worth saying to save her life.

guy or girl? You decide

Pretty awesome stuff! I great Legacy issue for sure. And it's STILL not done. The last story is an old New Mutants story of Legion's first appearance and how the team, along with Xavier and the then-alive Moira helped subdue his four personalities, back when he only had four.  This was also back when New Mutants was worth reading and tidbits that happened in one issue arose again as a main story 10 to 15 issues later, like good comics should do! I'm not really feeling this new New Mutants when they have their own stories apart from the crossovers. Man, those crossovers are saving that title's ass, really pushing them to this 25th issue that's about to come out.

I'm not reviewing that issue because I read it long ass time ago and don't feel the need to go down memory lane when it's been recapped enough in the first new New Mutant story arc when they first learned that he had a quadrillion personalities going on. If the artistry were done better, I'd have liked that arc. I just can't get into it!

But yeah, that's X-Men Legacy for ya. Hope you enjoyed. Definitely worth the buy!

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