Crochet Partners FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Crochet Partners was formed on December 15, 1995 in order to provide a worldwide networking opportunity for crocheters. We have an active discussion group on the Yahoo Group site ( with a wealth of information in the Files section.

Who makes the rules?

Although we welcome input and suggestions on how to improve our list, Crochet Partners is not a democracy, nor is it a dictatorship!  Our guidelines are set in place by the List Owner, the List Manager, and the Moderator with the goal that everyone feels welcome and comfortable here.

How do I become a member?

Only those who have subscribed to the Yahoo Group, Crochet Partners are members.  Only members can view messages, post, and access the various sections of the group (photos, files, documents, etc.).  If anyone wishes to become a member, you  may start here: and click on “Join This Group!”


What can I post about?

All messages to the group must contain 100% crochet content.  We are here to discuss and promote the art of crocheting, share ideas, help each other with pattern issues, and have fun doing it!


Can I share copies of my patterns?

Not if they are copyrighted--that’s stealing from the designer and publisher!  You may share a pattern only if it is your own design and you own the copyright, or send the original book or leaflet. Or, you may send links to online patterns or post information about a pattern book or leaflet.  And if anyone offers to photocopy a pattern from a book or leaflet for you, don’t respond.  The List Manager or Moderator will kindly educate the offender.


Help, I’m getting too many messages!

We have an active e-mail discussion group, so if you don't want your inbox flooded with messages, you can sign up for the digest version at the “Edit Membership” icon (Next to “My Groups”), or read the messages online at the Crochet Partners home page, here:


Does this list have any exchanges or swaps?

Yes, we do!  Our members enjoy swaping with each other, and it’s a fun way to get to know a little bit more about your Partners.  To see a list of active exchanges go to the Files section and click on “CP Exchange Info.”


Can I share information about other list members?

Please don’t!  Our list is closed, which mean non-members cannot access messages or member information.  Please respect the privacy of others on the list. We want everyone to feel safe here.

Is there a chat room?

Yes, our IRC chat room is open 24/7.  When a ChanOp (“hostess”) will be there, an invitation to chat will be sent to the list.  To access our chat room, use your favorite IRC program, server, port 7000, join #cafecrochet.  Or, connect via


What about advertising on the list?

You may post information or references to crochet-related products, services and such that would be beneficial to your fellow crocheters.  For example, if you tried a new hook or new type of yarn and really like it, you may mention the brand.  However, advertisements disguised as messages are a no-no.  We have the “For Sale or Trade” file under the Database link for that purpose.

What about taglines?

Please limit your signature to a total of 5 lines.  This may include such items as your name, your Facebook link, your web site or blog, your Ravelry nick, a one-line crochet-related advertisement (e.g. “Check out my Etsy items at _____________”), etc. If you need to advertise, please use the “For Sale or Trade” file under the Database link.


Someone is being mean to me!
If you are being hassled by another member, do not respond!  Forward the message to  the List Manager or Moderator at who will take care of it.

May I cross-post?
If you must cross-post over other lists or groups, just make sure your message follows our guidelines, as every list has different policies on what is acceptable and what is not.

Why aren’t my photos showing up?
First, our list does not allow attachments. The reason is obvious--too many nasties floating around that you do not want to download! So if you wish to share your beautiful crochet work with others on the list, or are looking for a pattern for a specific item for which you have a photo, all you need to do is create a photo album on our Yahoo site.
Go to 
and click on Photos toward the top. You'll end up here:
On the right, click on the purple button that says + New Album
You'll get a popup window that asks for information, and offers you the chance to add photos right away.
Be aware that all photos must be approved by an administrator before it may be seen publicly. Normally, this will be within a day.

What if I have a question not covered here?

Feel free to send an email to  Messages sent to this address are delivered to Rita Weiss, our List Owner; Pat Harper, our List Manager; and Sharon Devol, our Moderator.  One of these nice young ladies will be happy to get back to you, and our goal is to respond within 24 hours.