Let’s bring art into your child’s classroom! Art Masterpiece is a fun volunteer program where family members go into a classroom and teach a short lesson on an artist and then create a project based on the artist. The program is an easy and meaningful volunteer opportunity. Don’t know much about art? No problem! The PTCO can help you with the projects.

More information on the Art Masterpiece program:
• Any interested parent/grandparent/aunt/uncle, etc. can volunteer to teach and lead the project.

• Time commitment is dependent on how often you would like to be in the classroom, how much time your teacher has and what projects you select (average prep time is 2 hours per lesson). Some projects are more time consuming for preparation than others. Teachers will allot about 45 minutes in the classroom depending on the grade level.

• The lessons fit into your schedule. You determine with the teacher when to have lessons based on your schedule and what classroom time is available.

• The information on the artists and projects has already been done for you! Each grade has 10-15 artist folders available with lesson outlines, biographical information, art samples and project ideas. A few years ago, the Art Masterpiece Committee spent a lot of time revising the folders, so they are now super easy to use! It also ensures that the same artists are not repeated every year.

• Supplies are available for lessons. There is an Art Masterpiece closet in the PTCO room full of art supplies.

• Kids, teachers and parents love the program! The teachers have been very supportive and appreciate having the additional art time and resources in the classroom.

Please contact Meredith Wortzel at mwortzel@gmail.comif you are interested in learning more about this program.