Reading Is Fun


Have you ever wondered what the single most important thing you can do for your child?


It is to: READ with them.


The American Association of Pediatrics have said that reading to your child 30 min a day is as important as buckling them in their car seat and providing good nutrition.


Here is the link for Dr. Grover J. Whitehurst's article Dialogic Reading Method. See how simple helping your child with reading really is.


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 Chatter Batter-Four Stories For SpeechDevelopment

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    • Reading and Brain Development Research
    • Reading Levels are Not Improving
    • Summary of Dialogic Reading Method by Grover J. Whitehurst, Director of Institute of Education Science, US, Department of Education
    • The Neurological Impress Method, Helping Your Child ‘Catch Up’

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Stories In This Book:



Laurie The Ladybug: is a rhyming story about make believing and thinking to solve life’s problems.  It practices the ‘l’ sound at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of words.


Richard and Rosco is a delightful story about friendship and fun as Rosco, a rhinoceros, and Richard, a raven, chase after the end of the rainbow together.

Rumble Rumble Rippity Flap,

Oh my goodness what was that?


The Secret City of Snails:  A story practicing  ‘sssss’ 

The Secret City of Snails is a story good for spelling as well as speech development.  Young readers can read this story and, because of the highlighting of the letters ‘s’ and ‘c’ that make ‘sssss’ sound and not ‘s’ when it sounds like ‘z’, retain a visual concept of the spelling of the words.  Non-readers will enjoy the sounds and the story as snails and boys and girls everywhere learn how to keep the world a happy place. 

---Just say: “Simmer Simmery Soda Pop” and you will feel better and maybe even see the Secret City!



Thing-a-ma-Jig and Thing-a-ma-Bob: is a story to practice awareness of the many words with the ‘th’ sound. Thing-a-ma-Jig and Thing-a-ma-Bob is a story about worry.  Thing-a-ma-Jig and Thing-a-ma-Bob are going to school on Thursday, but they cannot spell their names!  Oh what are they to do??!




Articulation is directly related to phonic decoding.  How important is phonics in learning?


·        If you want to know how well your child is reading - ask how well he/she likes school. 

·        Success in education depends on how well your child likes learning.

·        How well your child is learning depends on how well he/she likes to read. 


Learning to recognize and reproduce sounds are the fundamentals of learning to reading.


·        And reading enhance self-confidence

·        …which enhances self-worth

·        …which enhances kindness

·        …which enhances tolerance


And this makes the world a better place to live.


 With the education in the United States falling behind other countries in the world, it is more important than ever before to ensure our children are not left behind in their education.