What Pharmaceutical Standards Mean To You

AddThis Social Bookmark ButtonWhen you fill a prescription at a pharmacy, you take for granted the fact that the product you receive has been evaluated and tested for quality. In the United States, there is currently no governmental regulation for nutritional products, accept for the fact that vitamins have to have 17% of what they say they have on the bottle - so when a nutritional company follows U.S. Pharmacopoeia standards in manufacturing — in addition to good manufacturing practices—this means it is committed to making products of the highest quality.

All supplements are not created equal

What makes the term “pharmaceutical standards” important to you? It’s your assurance that strict specifications have been met for the strength, purity and quality of the nutritional products you are taking. It represents the official standard for pharmaceutical scientists and health care professionals. Nikken is proud of the fact that Nikken Bio-Directed Nutri-Technology products are processed following the high standards of the pharmaceutical industry—criteria not required of nutritional supplements. Our nutritionals are also independently evaluated to guarantee nutritional content levels. You can rest assured you always receive superior products from Nikken. These extraordinary formulas are safe, highly effective and designed to allow the body to easily and quickly absorb the nutrients for optimum effect. 


Importance of Vitamins

It’s important to know that Vitamins turn food into Energy. Nowadays, it's almost impossible to get enough of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes your body needs without supplements, because of over-farming, the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which have depleted the soil of vital nutrients. In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture states that our foods today contain 20% to 30% fewer vitamins and minerals than the same foods did just 10 years ago! So even if you do eat "properly" you aren't getting all the nutrients you need.

- Most vitamins are processed with chemicals to make it faster and cheaper to process them. They then end up being bed pan bullets.

- High stress levels deplete the vitamins and minerals in our body very quickly. And when we are stressed, we rarely take the time to eat right, making the effects of stress worse.

- Recently in the media there have been reports about inaccurate labeling on vitamins. In fact, Jeffery Bland who has a Ph.D. in nutrition, decided to research vitamin E by going to different health food stores and he found ½ of them did not even have any vitamin activity, and a couple were only vegetable oil. Most vitamins on the market contain 17% of what is actually on the label.

- There’s been research that’s shown that 60% of vitamins never even dissolve, so even a 2nd bottle for a penny is still expensive when you are spending money for nothing.

- Many common prescription and over-the-counter medications can cause nutritional losses that can have serious health consequences.


Bio-Directed  Nutraceuticals
According to Dr. Ernest M. Vandeweghe, Jr., MD.,  Nikken is one of only five nutrition companies in America that meets or exceeds the rigid quality standards of the American Nutraceutical Association 
(ANA), aka American Pharmaco-Nutraceutical Association. It's estimated that there are almost 400 companies producing nutritional products.

Nikken's nutritional products are manufactured to pharmaceutical industry standards and are more correctly identified as "Nutraceuticals". 
What this means to the consumer is superior quality.
Each nutraceutical product must pass rigid quality standards for potency, sterility, solvency, and purity at a pharmaceutical level. 
Nutritional products purchased from supermarkets and the majority of nutritional products offered in health/nutritional stores can't and don't meet these standards.

NAI (Natural Alternative Incorporated), the pharmaceutical company stated that they studied Nikken magnetic and far-infrared technologies for over a year to determine their effect on the human body.

Subsequently, Nikken’s nutraceuticals were specifically designed to work synergistically to enhance the benefits magnetics and far-infrared provide.