To: OSS Consultant Team
From: Director, Training and Human Resources
Subject: Succeeding in the workplace; Tasks; Teams; FAQs

Succeeding in the workplace

Aloha and welcome. As your manager, I strive to develop a productive, functional team. I have been a manager for ten years and have found several common characteristics in the employees who succeed.

Succeeding at Work

To maximize your chance for success, it is important that you understand how we work and your role within the organization. The Corporate Way includes teamwork, tasks, and presenting results professionally.

We want the same kind of consultants as other innovative technology organizations want to hire, only better: People who are adaptable, creative problem solvers and independent learners. Professionals who can work well with people and work successfully on teams. In a nutshell, we value people who are professional and know how to get projects done efficiently and effectively.

We hope your experiences over the next months will help you gain confidence in your abilities as a professional. To assist you, we compiled these suggestions from managers surveyed about what it takes to be successful:

1) Be proactive

You must schedule meetings with me when needed. The more you put into the process yourself, the more you'll get out of it. You are a professional, not a student here at NaluHou, so don't expect me to tell you what to do. In general, you should come to me if you can't find the answer on your own.

2) Keep in Touch

You are responsible for checking your email regularly. Announcements and updates will be made by email and I will assume that you have read them.
We will be using a variety of available online tools (email, threaded discussions, Skype, Ning, Halawai, etc.). We will use these tools to share information, project schedules, agreements, resources, results, and updates with your team members and with me.

3) Manage your time

Time management is essential to your success on this challenging project. You should plan to spend 50% of your time for reading and research. See the Working with Task section of this Orientation for additional suggestions on time management and to learn the process I recommend for completing tasks and presenting your solutions to your colleagues.

4) Address performance issues in your team

Teamwork is essential to our success. Review the Working in Teams section of this Orientation to improve your team skills.

Since you won't initially know the full extent of your team's capabilities, negotiate the initial scope of work for each member carefully (i.e., what concrete pieces of the task s/he is responsible for).

If problems emerge, address them as soon as possible so that you can negotiate them within your team and complete your task on schedule. (This may be socially uncomfortable, but you've just got to do it.) If you still cannot resolve the issues, come to me and we can discuss it.

On behalf of NaluHou’s Management team, welcome and we look forward to having you succeed and become a valued member of NaluHou’s team.