All inclusive Fishing adventures for groups of six.
Do it yourself in our cottage with fishing boat packages (un guided).
Bring your own boat and stay in one of our rooms or cottages. 

Critter Cove is located in the heart of Nootka Sound, which is on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, BC.  Nootka Sound 20 miles by water from the Village of Gold River.

The main attraction to Nootka is the world class salmon fishing in calm water.  From June to October salmon are returning to three main rivers in Nootka including the Conuma River which supports a successful salmon hatchery.  Other salmon are also stopping to feed in Nootka on their journey to more southern rivers.  Unlike most spots on the West Coast, the salmon come inside the calm sound, so fishermen don't need to venture out to open water.

Fishermen will  find everything needed for a successful fishing trip at Critter Cove including accommodation, marine gas, restaurant, tackle store, bait and ice.  Our accommodations range from floating bunkhouse cabins to self contained beach cottages on the shore.  Some guests also moor at our docks and stay on their boats.

Nootka is known for calm fishing waters on the inside of the Sound right by Critter Cove.  There is also fishing on the open Pacific at the entrance to the Sound and beyond for those who prefer the open Pacific fishing experience.  Nootka is famous for big Chinook, commonly 25 to 40 pounds and on rare occasions even above 60 pounds.  The big Coho in late August and September are also a spectacular sport fish.  They are often 12 to 18 pounds, and there are usually several over 20 pounds each year.  Fishermen will find all species of Pacific salmon, halibut, and other ground fish. 

At Critter Cove you can set your own fishing schedule. 

Our licensed restaurant is open at first light for coffee and baking.  We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Guests often cook meals on their own on the docks as well.

Note there is no smoking in any rooms or on docks here. Smoking is permitted on your own boats. Also, pets are not allowed.

See you on the docks!

Contact Critter Cove at:

(250) 283-7364

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