tips & advice

 draw(scivic mission frame(s)::  politic(s) / violence / chance(s


 play creative role(s)::  ROAD  GEM  BRIDGE rumor

writing(s):: On the market. I like the offside, being on my own, aside of the group, being close, but not too close, within my control. I hear my name, but it is not meant for me. Remember, don't call me by my name. And, while writing this, my daughters are playing. A nice collection, or should I say a nice re-collection, while my wife is teaching, or, more likely, just finished, taking a break, before returning home to take up her domestic obligations. In the meantime, I hear my name being called, but I know it is not meant for me, but for the market sales man, who just tapped me on the shoulder, to get my attention for the girls, my daughters, who want to take a round on the market.

motion(s): against the wallwhat road to take, remember, there is always a choice!

word(s) / book / curiosity / write an essay ... !?

experience(s): life is not a joke, but a poem, in which you can swim or dance, but perhaps not without a fight! ...

most importantly -- focus / knot / present / electric / dragon / run / art
  • find a topic of your interest
  • think of a suitable working title
  • collect appropriate material
  • propose the structure of your report/paper
  • and then write it out, revising the structure when appropriate
  • don't hesitate to ask advice of your tutor or your collegues
  • as a recommendation, add a brief annotated bibliography
and, finally, follow yourr own intuition and judgement, that is do not write something to please either your supervisor or others, but only when it satisfies your own intellectual curiosity / interests / standards!

online material(s) -- THE WRITER'S HANDBOOK -- poetry / ubu / remix / epc / amsterdam

(includeadvice to (potentialplayer(s) -- have fun !

and as an (additional) intellectual challenge, I may ask you: what is the resolution of choice ? 
remember, it is about commitment !
and ... ehm ... another invitation... wait ... slow, slow, slow ...   technology + co-creativity = utopia ? upside-down / current / cycle / stage  :: trail(s) -- Æ


campaign(sagainst noise::  create / learn / observe / play / topical media