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  • do   6 juni: 11.00-13.00: zl HG-02A05 -- orientation(s) / progress  meeting 
  • do 13 juni: 10.00-13.00: zl WN-M143 -- presentatie papers 
  • do 20 juni: 10.00-13.00: zl WN-M143 -- reviews, evaluatie en feedback: ... ACTG ...
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No need to say that I expect a sufficiently independent attitude of the student(s), 
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Clearly, despite the appealing name the topic of the seminar is not what is often understood by critical thinking, as for instance exemplified by the contents of the course offered at or the entry on this subject in wikipedia, or the material in
  • Peg Tittle -- Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason --  websiteamazon
and it is certainly different from my course creative ethics
Nevertheless, aspects of what it presented in these sources is relevant also for this course, that is an independent mind, a critical but positive attitude, and the willingness to communicate and improve, essential characteristics for anybody with an academic education. And, for improving your academic skill(s), don't miss the tips & advice!

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