Editorial Board

of the journal: 

Librarianship Critique: Journal of the Sciences of Information Recorded in Documents

Ms. Tatiana Carsen, ARGENTINA, Universidad Nacional de Quilmas (postgraduate student); CAICYT-CONICET; GESBI. Lines of research: libraries and social committment; economy of information; social studies of science and technology; school libraries; public libraries; universities; comics and libraries.

Ms. Veronica Saquilán, ARGENTINA, Librarian at the Faculty of Psychology, Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata. Lines of research: university libraries; critical librarianship; qualitative research methods.


Prof. Dr. Priti Jain, PhD BOTSWANA, PhD in Library and Information Science, University of South Africa; Senior Lecturer, Dept. of Library & Information Studies in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Botswana. Lines of research: Knowledge management; institutional repositories; open access; indigenous knowledge systems; digital scholarship.

Prof. Dr. Nanci Elizabeth Oddone, Phd, BRAZIL, Federal University of Bahia, Graduate Program in Information Science. Lines of research: Copyright; scholarly communication; scientometrics; bibliometrics; books and libraries in the ancient world; information science; needs and uses of information.

Ms. Rocío Olivares, COLOMBIA, University of Quindio (B.A. in Archives); Librarian at the Documentation Center of FEDEPALMA. Lines of research: archives; documentation; special libraries; aboriginal librarianship.

Ms. Paola Andrea Ramírez Pérez, COLOMBIA, B.A. in Library and Information Science; Student of Master of Philosophy and Ethics, University of Antioquia, Colombia. Lines of research: Public libraries; philosophical foundations of librarianship; ethics; history of the book and libraries; collection development.  


Mr. Karl Dietz, GERMANY, KarlDietz.de; LIS B.A. & Diplom-Dokumentar (FH) at Schwäbisch Gmünd. Lines of research: wikis; archives; documentation; akiwiki; e-books; ICTs; e-learning.

Prof. Dr. Bhojaraju Gunjal, PhD, INDIA, University of Mysore, Department of Studies in Information Science, Australia (Post-Doc student). Lines of research: Knowledge Management (KM), Digital Libraries (DL), Knowledge Organisation Systems (KOS), Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD), Content/Information Analysis, Management & architecture, Library Administration & ICT applications, Library Automation and Networking, Marketing of Library and Information Services, Web Designing.

Prof. Dr. R. Raman Nair, PhD, INDIA, PhD in Library and Information Studies & M.A. in History, University of Kerala, India; University Librarian of the Mahatma Gandhi University. E-LIS Editor for India; He has associated with major digitization projects like Web Archives of Kerala Legislative Assembly Proceedings, and Mahatma Gandhi University Open Access PhD Theses Digital Library. Is a member of the National Committee on Submission and Access to Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Universities in India. Has served as University Librarian of Kerala Agricultural University.  Has envisioned and initiated the establishment of Centre for Advanced Research in Library and Information Science at Mahatma Gandhi University. Organized many national and international training programmes on ICT under Ministries of Science and Technology, Agriculture and other agencies of Government of India, got the S M Ganguly National Award in 1998 and has numerous published books on Information Science and related subjects. Is presently Honorary Director of Centre for Informatics Research and Development, India. Areas of Specialization: Open Access, Digital Archiving, agricultural information systems, heritage conservation.


Ms. Antonella De Robbio, ITALY, Librarian at University of Padova; founding member of E-LIS: E-prints of Library and Information Science. Lines of research: Copyright, IPR, open access, open archives, institutional archives, digital libraries, OPACs, MetaOPACs.

Prof. Dr. Felipe Meneses Tello, PhD MEXICO, National Autonomous University (UNAM); PhD in Librarianship and Information Studies; Master in Library Science; Undergraduate Degree in Library Science (UNAM); Lecturer at Department of Library Science, UNAM; Coordinator of Mathematics Institute, UNAM; Founder of the Circle of Social and Political Studies in Librarianship. Lines of research: Social and political librarianship; critical librarianship; public libraries; university or academic libraries; bibliographies.

Prof. Dr.
Zapopan Martín Muela-Meza, PhD, MEXICO, PhD in Information Studies, University of Sheffield, UK; Master in Library Science at State Universtiy of New York at Buffalo, NY, USA; LIS B.A. UANL, Mexico. LIS Adjunct Professor at the Nuevo Leon Autonomous University (Mexico); Coordinator of the Mexican E-LIS team. Lines of research: Community profiling in librarianship; Critical theory in librarianship; Critical epistemology in librarianship;  Critical thinking and scepticism in librarianship; Materialist theories in librarianship; Theoretical and epistemological foundations of Library and Information Science; Research methods in Information Science; Qualitative research methodologies and methods; Information needs; Intellectual property and librarianship; Publishing practices and regulations.

Ms. Beatriz Elena Rodríguez García, MEXICO, M.L.S. at National University of Puerto Rico; LIS B.A. San Luis Potosi Autonomous University, Mexico. LIS Distance Lecturer at the Guadalajara University, Mexico. Lines of research: university libraries; public libraries; e-learning in librarianship; FOIAs; freedom of information; intellectual freedom; information access.


Mr. James Campbell, NICARAGUA, LIS Lecturer; editor of BiblioNica.org (Nicaragua Librarianship site); LIS B.A. at National University of Nicaragua. Lines of research: freedom of information; FOIA; information access; intellectual freedom.

Prof. Dr. Rosalía Quiroz Papa de García, PhD, PERU, Professor at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru.
Lines of research: freedom of information; FOIA; information access; intellectual freedom; copyright and intellectual property rights; librarianship and rights; LIS education; LIS curriculum; LIS research methods.

Ms. Roxana Huamán Huriarte, PERU, Librarian at the Pontificia Catholic University of Peru, Lima, Peru; LIS B.A. and Master student at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Lines of research: information services for the blind; university libraries; strategic planning; management; marketing of information services.

Prof. Dr. Paula Sequeiros, PhD, PORTUGAL, Universidade do Porto, Department of Sociology; PhD & MLS at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Spain; E-LIS Editor for Portugal. Lines of research: cultural sociology; internet sociology; sociology of libraries; socio-political issues in information and librarianship; critical theory; critical librarianship.

Ms. Danica Radovanovic, PhD candidate SERBIA, PhD candidate at the Oxford University and M.L.S. at University of Belgrade. Lines of research: 21st century literacies; communication; communication studies; computer-mediated communication; e-learning; Internet and society; Internet studies; higher education; new literacies; online social networks; social media; Social Networking Sites (SNS).

Prof. Dr. Colin Darch, PhD, SOUTH AFRICA, Professor and University Librarian at University of Cape Town, South Africa; B.A., M.A. Oxford University, A.L.A. Northwestern Polytechnic, London; PhD at Bradford University. Lines of research: IPRs; copyright & intellectual property; bibliographies; history of librarianship; Mozambique librarianship; censorship; Ethiopian studies; plagiarism studies; Mozambican history 1960-1994.

Prof. Dr. José Antonio Frias Montoya, PhD, SPAIN, Professor at the University of Salamanca. Lines of research: university libraries; qualitative research; research methods; cataloguing, classification and indexing; evaluation; ontologies; metadata; taxonomies; thesauri; Open Access.

Prof. Dr. María del Carmen López Illescas, PhD, SPAIN, PhD in Scientific Information at Universidad de Granada; Researcher at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Lines of research: bibliometric studies; quantitative methods; statistics; measuring, analysis, design, and evaluation of systems; research and innovation policies.


Ms. Iryna Solodovnik , UKRAINIE, PhD candidate at the University of Calabria, Italy. Lines of research: Institutional repositories; metadata; semantic information management; Archival studies, Library Science, Information and Knowledge Management.

Ms. Isabel Espinal, USA, PhD candidate at the University of Massachussetts at Amherst; MLS at University of California at Berkeley. Lines of research: Latin American librarianship; progressive librarianship; Afro-American studies; Native-American studies; genre studies; migration.


Ms. Dulfa María Omaña Benítez, VENEZUELA, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello (post-graduate student); Director of the National Center of Information and Documentation of the Plastic Arts of the National Gallery of Arts of Venezuela. Lines of research: museums; arts; preservation of documents; arts and librarianship; copyright and intellectual property.