is a four-member South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment in 2009. 2NE1 is pronounced To Anyone or Twenty One. It consists of the queens CL, Minzy, Dara, and Park Bom. The name 2NE1 combines the phrases "21st century" and "new evolution". 2NE1 first appeared in "Lollipop", a commercial campaign with Big Bang for LG Electronics. They debuted in 2009 with the song "Fire" which won many awards. Since then, the group has released two extended plays, 2NE1 and 2NE1 2nd Mini Album and two studio albums, "To Anyone" and "Crush". Their latest album "Crush" was released in 2014 with the main songs being "Come Back Home" and "Crush". 2NE1 is known for a "unique and edgier style". During their debut single, the group was noted for being "hip-hop" and the female counterpart to Big Bang but changed this perception with "I Don't Care" into strong, feminine women. Zack Greenburg from the American business magazine Forbes described 2NE1 as a pop group characterized by bold, bright outfits and big, catchy hooks punctuated by rap verses and an "in-your-face swagger".


2NE1 - Crush



"I'm the hot crush of all girls

Giving you the rush that

makes your heart pound

Pretty unnis like me

Because they get

prettier if they like me

They love me cuz I'm hot

They love me cuz I'm cold

They love me cuz I'm real

They love me cuz I kill (x2)


I have nothing

to be afraid of

Even I'm scared of myself

I'm busy, don't you

even watch TV?

I'm going now,

don't talk to me


If you think you can

dance like me, come out

I'll kill you by myself

This music that makes you

go crazy. Do you hear it?

MINZY they love me" 

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