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Nightmares (1983)

Director: Joseph Sargent

Writers: Christopher Crowe - Segments one, two, and three; Jeffrey Bloom - Segment four.

Summary: This movie is comprised of four vignettes. Each of these four stories feature a different cast, the highlights
of which have been listed below.

                                                                                                                             Promotional image from Nightmares

Segment One - "Terror in Topanga"

In this segment, Lisa (Cristina Raines) leaves the house in the middle of the night to get a pack of cigarettes. Perhaps she should have
stayed home because an escaped killer is on the loose in the area.

Full Cast:
Cristina Raines as Lisa the Wife
Joe Lambie as Phil the Husband
Anthony James as Store Clerk
Clare Nono as Mori the Newswoman
Raleigh Bond as Norman, a Neighbor
Robert Phelps as Newsman
Dixie Lynn Royce as Little Girl
Lee Ving as William Henry Glazier

Segment Two - "The Bishop of Battle"

This segment revolves around video game fanatic J.J. Cooney, who becomes obsessed with beating a video game. Will he
beat the game, or will the game beat him?

Emilio Estevez as J.J. Cooney
Moon Unit Zappa as Pamela
James Tolkan as the voice of The Bishop

Segment Three - "The Benediction"

A priest, MacLeod, leaves the church. Soon after, a large black truck starts popping up to terrorize him.

Lance Henrikson as MacLeod
Tony Plana as Father Luis Del Amo

Segment Four - "Night of the Rat"

A rat is killed. Suddenly a rat seems to be tearing apart the home of Claire and Steven Houston.

Veronica Cartwright as Claire Houston
Richard Masur as Steven Houston