I am currently working as assistant professor in the LINK team at AgroParisTech. My experience "Parisienne" started as postdoctoral fellow at the LIP6 laboratory of the Pierre et Marie Curie University (UPMC) in Paris, working with Christophe Gonzales and Séverine Dubuisson on the ANR-ASTRID project "Describe" related to online event detection and learning. Interesting extensions of these algorithms will be the online learning of these probabilistic models and the account of relations between the objects.

In 2012 I received the Qualification to MCF for Section 27.

Previous positions:
My research interests lie in artificial intelligence and machine learning, with particular emphasis on probabilistic methods (relational and dynamic models) and their applications (automatic surveillance systems, multi-target tracking, activity recognition, and, to a lesser degree, data mining and bioinformatics). However I am also interested in applications of these probabilistic methods in other domains, such as robotics and social networks. You can find more about my past activities in my detailed CV.