About me:

Hi! I'm Cristina and I fourteen years old. My birthday is 23rd December. If I tell the truth I love this month because is Christmas, winter and my birthday. I think that it's very special. I have two sisters: María and Beatriz.
I live in Málaga, Caleta de Vélez. I like very much this city because the musseums, theaters, people, etc are wonderful, and I love running for the beach.
My hobbies are read books, write stories, see films and police series because I love the mistery. First of all my favourites writers are Agatha Christie, C.R.Zafón, Nicolás Barreau and Máxim Huerta. My favourites books are '10 negritos' and 'Atardecer en París' by A.Christie and N.Barreau. However I don't like read science fiction books. I would like to be lawyer or literature teacher, but I don't know exactly and also I want write books in the future. 
Finally I like very much France and the lenguage. As soon as I can, I want travel to París, visit the monuments, museums, and walk into the streets that in my opinion are specials and the atmosphere is amazing.