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Learning to balance your home life and your professional life is the biggest struggle most parents face. If you are like me, and you are working more than you know you should be...the guilt is almost unbearable. Some things I have learned along the way...

1. There is no such thing as too many bed-time hugs and kisses.
2. Two stories are enough if it's at least 1 hour passed bed time.
3. ALWAYS say I LOVE YOU when getting off the phone, or departing, or at bedtime, after passing out discipline, and just because.
4. Make a date night. Your kids need your attention too. Make them feel special. Once a month, or when ever you can afford it, get dolled up and go to dinner and a movie. If you cant afford to go out, get dolled up (or comfy) make their favorite meal (with their help), get a flick from the RedBox and cuddle up on the sofa.
5. You will never have enough blankets when making a fort.
6. Kids before friends. Yes, I understand you had a long week working and now it's the weekend and you want to see your friends...GUESS WHAT?? Your kid wants to see you!! Make it count! Plan an activity that will bring you together without tiring you out! Finger painting, playing instruments, creative!!
7. Do not try to give your kids stuff you wanted when you were their age. They are not you and would like to choose their own options.
8. Work stays at work. When you get home, before you walk through that door, the stress of work STAYS OUTSIDE.
9. Home stays at home. When you get to work, before you walk through that door, the stress of home STAYS OUTSIDE.
10. Smile, make the right choice for your family and involve them when necessary. Kids like to help, let them feel important, let them help with various tasks appropriate for their age.

That is my Quick Top Ten. I'll add more another time. 

Balanced Life

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