posted May 21, 2012, 6:19 AM by Cristina Smyser   [ updated May 21, 2012, 10:04 AM ]

I saw a Cardinal in my back yard on Saturday. Then Sunday, I discovered the female has a nest. So naturally, I bought a feeder and seed to make them happy as she was upset I was so close to her nest while making the flower bed. 
The symbolic meaning of cardinals deals with vibrancy and brilliance.

As we observe the cardinal – particularly against the backdrop of the stark winter months, we are reminded that even when things appear bleak or isolated, there is always the presence of beauty, hope, and love.

Cardinals encourage us to express our brilliance and reveal our truest selves. Their radiant red is a symbol for us to recognize the gifts in our hearts that we have to give to others in love and friendship.

Here is a quick summary of the attributes & symbolic meaning of cardinals:

birds cardinals birds bird seed bird feeders nest flower bed
And I have a whole family of them!! YIPPY!!!


I have an ugly metal fence and an awkward spot of weeds and grass that is difficult to mow. I want to cover the fence in flowers and make the eye sore, beautiful. I realized (after trying for an hour) that I am too weak to dig out the weeds and dirt so, I did the next best thing...I covered the weeds with plastic bags (which I can remove at a later date), covered them with potting soil (2 extra large bags for $10 each), my daughter edged (with bricks found around the yard and in the basement), and sprinkled seeds (98 cents per bag vs $20 per'LL BUY THE BAG OF SEEDS AND WAIT A WEEK)!!!

Also, while at the store, I noticed the hose racks. Most mount on the side of your house now but I rent and I have a brick house so, no go. Next was a fake wicker basket (for $20) or the copper garden hose holder ($72) that you wrap the hose and lay inside. Good idea but too expensive! So, I went one isle over and found a pretty blue plastic bucket for $2.50 (any large flower pot you currently have and do not use, or one you like, color, design...whatever)!! I went to the garden area where the hoses are are found the same hose I have at home and threw it in the bucket to make sure it would fit. It was a little snug, but they had nothing larger in the same color. SOLD!!

Now I wait for the flowers to come up! And, because I did not 'plant' the seeds X number of inches apart, I know I will have to remove some. However, my neighbor is always kind and I will be happy to share the 'extras' with her.
garden flowers wild flowers seed seeds roses potting soil bricks seeds seed garden flowers

I have another peony bush in the backyard that I am going to transplant next to the one in the picture, on the back side of the fence and add potting soil and use the broken pavers as the edging. More pictures to come!!!