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TabletReader is an open-source software (GPL v2) that has been designed to be a simple e-book reader for touch-enabled devices (e.g. tablets, hybrid notebooks with touch screen). Currently, okular core library is used as backend so that all okular supported formats are available: PDF, DJVU, CHM, JPEG, etc. TabletReader is part of KDE Project and its sources are available for download. The latest binary package is available for Plasma Active on Mer Project Build Server and a Windows installer is freely available from Intel AppUp Center.

Fig. 1 - Main toolbar and the help document

Through its simple interface, TabletReader enables to open documents found on the local filesystem, to bookmark an open document at the current page, to switch between full screen (no toolbar) and normal screen (with toolbar) modes, to go to a specific page, to zoom the displayed document, to show this help, to display information about this software and to exit from the application. At exit, the current document path and name, the current page and the zoom factor are saved so that the next time you launch TabletReader the document is opened at the same page you previously were.

Fig. 2 - File browser

Fig. 3 - About page

This software has been intended to be used on Linux-based operating systems with a graphical user interface, since there seems to be a lack of e-book readers for touch-enabled devices runnning Linux. However Windows is also supported and since this software has been written using Qt application framework, it can be ported to other platforms too (provided that libraries for handling e-books are available).