Hi! I am a statistician with a Ph.D. from Bocconi University, currently working at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the Bank of Italy, Rome.

Research interests

Bayesian parametric and non-parametric statistics, statistical methods for large datasets, statistics for preference learning, statistical applications

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Please note that this is my private website. All the views expressed on these pages are my own and do not involve the responsibility of the Bank of Italy.

Me, Newgale Beach, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, UK (April, 2017)


"Probabilistic preference learning with the Mallows rank model" (JMLR, 2018), with V. Vitelli, Ø. Sorensen, A. Frigessi, E. Arjas

"A Bayesian Mallows approach to non-transitive pair comparison data: how human are sounds?" (AOAS, 2019) with V. Vitelli, E. Arjas, N. Barrett and A. Frigessi

"The Impact of 3-D Sound Spatialisation on Listeners’ Understanding of Human Agency in Acousmatic Music" (JNMR, 2018), with N. Barrett

"Model-based learning from preference data" (ARSIA, 2019) with Q. Liu, I. Scheel, V. Vitelli, A. Frigessi

"Understanding dependency patterns in structural and functional brain connectivity through fMRI and DTI data" (Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, 2018) with S. Ranciati, S. D’Angelo, and A. Mira

"Dependence properties and Bayesian inference for asymmetric multivariate copulas" (JMVA, 2019) with J., Arbel, and S. Girard

"BayesMallows: An R Package for the Bayesian Mallows model" (R journal, 2020) with Ø. Sorensen, Q. Liu, and V. Vitelli

"Informative priors for the consensus ranking in the Mallows model" (to appear, Bayesian Analysis) with I. Antoniano-Villalobos

"Majority status as a confounder in RD studies of close elections" (to appear, Political Analysis) with M. Alpino

"Efficient and accurate inference for mixtures of Mallows models with Spearman distance" (submitted) with C. Mollica, V. Astuti, L. Tardella

"A Hierarchical Bradley-Terry model" (in preparation) with A. Frigessi

"A mixture of experts Mallows model" (in preparation) with L. Modugno

PhD Thesis: "Bayesian Learning of Ranking data” (revised Nov 2017) pdf

E-mail: crispino.marta8[at]gmail.com