All people, all places, all ways! The solution… INCLUSION!

Inclusion means people working together. It is the breaking down of barriers to allow equality of access for everyone to all aspects of community life. It results in a sharing of perspectives that leads to innovation and growth. Inclusive communities are accessible communities that welcome diversity and empower everyone.


The Research Centre for the Educational and Professional Inclusion of Students with Disabilities (CRISPESH) is a new College Technology Transfer Centre in Innovative Social Practices (CCTT-PSN) born out of a partnership between the Cégep du Vieux Montréal and Dawson College. The centre was recognized by the Ministry of Education, Recreation and Sports (MELS) in October 2010.

Our mission

The mission of Crispesh is the advancement of knowledge and the development and promotion of social practices that target the educational, social and professional inclusion of people living with disabilities.

Our vision

We want to be an inclusive and synergistic hub paving the way to full inclusion of people with disabilities in all sectors of society by bringing together leaders and stakeholders in the fields of development, research, transfer and innovation.

Financial Partners: