Gender Discrimination in The Military

    Gender discrimination also exists in the military. Women are making up a portion of the military today but they still do not have a substantial majority of working population in this profession, because these women do not want to commit with the military because they are discriminated against and sexually harassed once they do enlist into any of the branch`s regarding military service. This type of discrimination has been recently popular in the media with the “Don’t ask, Don’t tell” law. This law allowed whichever gender, male or female to openly say that they are in attraction with the same gender. This law relates with women being discriminated because not only does the military look down upon the way someone views another gender but also they look down upon females in the military. They look down on these females with the same views that other related criminal justice fields do, they think that females are not able to conduct everyday tasks compared to males because they are not strong
enough to be capable of doing the task efficiently. The following statistics and information were provided by the Americans for Democratic Action. Only 17 percent of the 2004 naval academy graduating class was females, the Air force is a slightly better with only an 18 percent graduating class. The west point academy was only a 16 percent graduating class of females. These women in the academy`s are often given extra signing bonuses and perks to enlist in the service. The military has also had to redesign the military schools with separate quarters for both the genders because some of the males do not think that females should be able to serve the country because they are not as equal as the male. They designed these separate quarters because some of the males were sexually assaulting the females to show their superiority. In a report from the Air Force academy in 2003, out of the 579 females that were of the graduating class 43 of them or 7.4 percent were victims of sexual assault. Whenever these sexual assaults do occur these males are not trialed, instead they are just asked to leave the academy without any legal consequences. Once the females have advanced past the cadet school if they decided to take that direction, they have to deal with discrimination once again when they are working a particular job in the military. Women often are not able to work the front lines with a male in combat instead they are subjected to work military jobs behind the scenes, such as desk work or a nurse in a medic station. They are now taking the individual right of being able to work in a particular field away. The military is slowly transitioning and now allowing females to do any job they please to because they have also noticed just like every other field that female discrimination exist, that females are just as able and qualified as men to do every sort of task. My view on this discrimination, is that the military is moving away from more field work combat to concentrate on intelligence. Both men and female are created equally with the ability to obtain knowledge so each gender should be treated equally.