Cell Phone Policy

Post date: Oct 13, 2009 7:52:23 AM

One of the most important classroom expectations of you revolves around cell phone discipline. Here are the basics:

  • Once class begins I expect your cell phones to be silenced and placed in your backpack...out of sight.
  • During any form of instruction including videos, cell phones will remain silenced in your backpack.
  • Only with prior permission or announcement may you use your cell phone. Do not assume...please ask.
  • If given the "go ahead" to use your phones for a class assignment...stay focused on the required task.
  • If I give you get the "go ahead" to listen to music, you are expected to do only that...text messaging, random surfing of your Twitter feed or Snapchat etc. communicates to me that you are choosing to ignore class expectations. Here is how you can expect me to react under normal circumstances:

  • Reminder
  • Call to parent
  • Conference with parent
  • Admin referral