Week of April 15-19

Post date: Jan 17, 2018 4:53:01 PM

Criminal Justice:

  • Can the worlds of Restorative Justice and Neurocriminology come together? (How/ Explain) or do they collide? (Why)

What are legal and ethical implications for the future?

Due: April 18th


1. Ch. 16 Restorative Justice

2. Live article “Criminal Minds are Different”

3. Neurocriminology - Looking Glass article

4. State of Washington

5. Other…(Just Mercy perhaps?)


  • · 750-1,000 words
  • · POSTER (5% of grade)
  • · What is RJ?
  • · What is NC?
  • · Legal and Ethical Concerns
  • · What does RJ look like in Washington State?
  • · Describe the future of RJ (Conclusion)
  • · Cite three references (one of your own sources)


I found this article interesting because________.

The quote that sticks out to me, reads “_______”.

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New Unit: Restorative Justice:

  • Spend some time on the following website. This is a companion reference to the article handed out in class.


Police Forensics 2

Application of Glaister’s Blood Spatter Principles

Texting While Driving Tragedy


Produce a short story that will serve as a both a “teaching moment” for your peers and a learning reference for others related to blood spatter. Use each of Glaister’s findings to deepen the effect and understanding of blood spatter one could observe at a scene of a near fatal or fatal motor vehicle accident involving teens driving and texting.


· 750-1000 words typed

· Six photos embedded into the story that illustrate each of Glaister’s conclusions

· A minimum of three references adopted from the spatter labs we conducted in class.

· Any additional photos that serve to strengthen the presentation of your material (optional but extra credit possible here…)

Due Date: April 18th ATBOC

(hard copy when you come to class or turnitin.com)

Point deductions for assignments turned in late.

Police Forensics 1

Classes this week are dedicated to yet a few more worksheets designed to deepen your understanding of dental measurements and related surfaces. Enjoy!