Everify Review


Good: Offers a wide range of databases to search from. Has a trial membership for $1 that allows for unlimited use. Subscription services allows for unlimited background checks whenever. Available at an       amazing price.  

Bad: $1 trial is only five days, and does not include some records. Some reports differ from the standard $20.00 offer.



Everify is a comprehensive online background check service that offers detailed background checks for roughly $20. This means that Everify is quite similar to Inteligator, as they both have access to similar sources and both deliver similar results.  

Features and Cost

A search on Everify can be done either by using a person’s name, phone number, address or email. Everify has access to the typical range of public and private databases. This access allows you to gain information on:

·         Arrest & convictions

·         Felonies & misdemeanor

·         Sex offenders

·         Mug shots

·         Criminal driving infractions

·         Judgments

·         Court and probation records

·         Phone numbers

·         Email addresses

·         Address history

·         Properties

·         DOB

·         Relatives and associates


Everify also includes a description of the target’s “internet footprint” within each report. This means that any blogs, photos, Twitter or Facebook accounts that the person may have will be included in the report. If you’re subscribed to the site, this background report will also include information about various companies that the person may have worked for as well as an asset search. The inclusion of a social media search is interesting, but its usefulness is unknown. At best, it can reveal how a person acts in personal setting.

Cost-wise matches up quite well with Inteligator; both services cost roughly $20 for a full report and for the monthly subscription. The monthly subscription allows for unlimited use of Everify’s databases whenever you want. This elevates Everify above other online background check services. Everify also offers a five day trial for $1 with unlimited access to multiple databases. However, the social media database is not included with this trial. Once the trial is over, you will be billed for the monthly subscription. There have not been any reports of customers having problems canceling the trial before the subscription starts. Some background reports from Everify also differ from their standard pricing; instead of $20 dollars for a report and subscription, it changes to $17.97 for report and subscription and $30.00 for the report. This offer seems to be randomized however, and can the standard pricing can found by returning to the previous page and re-selecting the person's name. 


Everify is great background checking service available at a reasonable price. For roughly $20 you can have single background report or pay $20 monthly in order to get the unlimited background searches anytime you want. This combination of value and price makes Everify hard to beat.


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