The Truth about Free Criminal Background Checks

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Possible to Get a Criminal Background Check Free? 

As a small business owner I am frequently on the lookout for qualified and motivated people for potential hire. While looking into a person’s past is the last thing I would like to do in my free time, I’ve found that it saves me a lot of trouble when it comes to screening potential employees. Trying to do this manually, however is a formidable task; there’s contacting county court offices, police stations, federal offices all to ensure that a prospective hire is exactly who they say they are. Luckily, there are various ways to outsource time consuming work by using online background checks. 

Using Online Background Checks; is There Such a Thing as a Free Background Check? 

There are multiple places online where you can run a criminal background check. These background check agencies typically have access to a wide range of sources allowing you gain a comprehensive criminal background check. After a couple searches, I began to run into multiple sites that offered a criminal background check free of charge.After seeing several sites selling background checks for up $50, I jumped at the chance to get one for free. So I tried these background checks that claimed to be “free”, but I quickly discovered that they required me to pay so that I can get the full background check.  After running into this trick several times, I discovered that there was no place to get an actual criminal background check free of charge.  

So What kind of Criminal Background Check are Available Online? 

After I discovered that there was no place to get a criminal background check free of charge I began to look closer at the paid background check services. I tried several background check services and have gotten good, accurate information from them but the price was too high for me to do the number of checks I needed. Due to this, I’ve search the internet for affordable criminal background checks. I found several that claimed to be cheap, but instead charged high prices for a background report. Then there were cheap criminal background checks that left out crucial information such as court and criminal history. Faced with these results I doubled my efforts to find a middle ground between those two options. The result of that search was this site. 

On this site are reviews of the most valuable background checks I’ve found; ranging from the complete background checks that lists criminal, court, and family history to simpler background checks to reverse phone search that unknown number that has been calling you. I've checked to make sure that the price is reasonable for the service that they offer. So whether you are a business owner checking out a possible hire or concerned parent making sure there babysitter is who they say they are, make sure you only the best cheap background checks to prevent the worse from happening to you or your family.
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