• The Addiction Line - Revell Cornell         
          All Shipping magnate, Tony McCourt - poor boy made good in America - wants to do, is to expand his
          empire into Europe, and maybe seek out an unrequited love in his home town - London, specifically
          the East-End. But, nothing is that easy, is it? Tony is soon fighting off charges of murder and drug
          smuggling in his quest to connect with the love of his life. The Russian Mafia, and the agents of Middle-
          East countries only add to his problems.
        Sample - The Addiction Line
  • Easy Killing  - Revell Cornell            
    Tom Stone's construction company is booming with contracts throughout the U.K.. As he looks forward to early retirement, the last thing he needs are dangerous reminders of his wild youth - like a potential love child, who also happens to be the supposed off-spring of a Scottish drug baron. Tom's covert trip to Scotland to discover the truth about his possible daughter soon becomes anything but secret.
        Then, coincidental with Tom's arrival in Scotland's capital city, bodies are going down like wheat in a harvest, and Tom is the prime suspect. So, why is someone also trying to kill him?
        To add to his woes, Tom's ally in his quest, London criminal Jack Cassidy, is not endeering himself to the local police. It's not that Jack is a bigot; he simply calls it as he sees it.
        Easy Killing is a crime/thriller story of murder, drug smuggling, double dealing, and the consequences of the fury of a woman scorned. The action takes place in London, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Spain.
        Sample - Easy Killing 
  • The Pilgrim Seed - Revell Cornell
           Recent college graduate, Joe Washington, is in debt to a man who is connected to the Mob. 
        With the help of mystery man John McCabe, the debt is put on hold. But Joe is angry, angry at the system which taxes him at every turn, and on everything he eats or uses. He wants to get even, so, rashly, he commits an ingenious burglary at the offices of a Houston Insurance Company. 
        Query. Why was the burglary not reported to the police? Query. And why is Joe being hunted? And where is John McCabe, the only man that can help Joe? Texas is a big state. Can Joe find John in time?
         Sample - The Pilgrim Seed