About Us

DuBe Publishing since December 28th 2010.

DuBe Publishing was set up because of one word - Frustration. 

Any Crime fiction reader, or would-be writer, will know the feeling. You are picking up books that are on sale at your local bookstore - listed under your favourtie genre - but they simply do not ring your bell when browsing. Sure, the paperback you hold in your hand may fulfill the publishers parameters - 75,000 to 111,000 words, but maybe the plot is stretched beyond belief, the descriptive prose goes on, and on, and on... , the characters are weak, with dialogue as close to real life as... well, you get the idea.


So, if you're not happy with something, do something about it.


I did. I set up DuBe Publishing to publish my own work. I hope you like what I have to offer you in the form of Crime and Thriller e books.

All my novels are now available on Kindle. All are on sale at sensible prices, and, every now and then, are part of an Amazon Kindle deal. Enjoy a good read, at a sensible price.