Crime Statistics By Address

    crime statistics
  • Crime statistics attempt to provide statistical measures of the crime in societies. Given that crime is secretive by nature, measurements of it are likely to be inaccurate.
  • The accounts that the State compiles of the actions of its agencies concerning those acts which the law proscribes.
  • speak to; "He addressed the crowd outside the window"
  • The particulars of the place where someone lives or an organization is situated
  • A binary number that identifies a particular location in a data storage system or computer memory
  • the place where a person or organization can be found or communicated with
  • (computer science) the code that identifies where a piece of information is stored
  • The place itself
crime statistics by address Cornwall Crime Explorer, Amethyst CDRP, Cornwall
Cornwall Crime Explorer, Amethyst CDRP, Cornwall
Cornwall CDRP Information Hub, Amethyst, take quarterly recorded crime figures from Devon& Cornwall Police and publish it at Ward level to their community safety partners and external users of the Amethyst web site. The report seeks to adopt best practice in the presentation of statistics online. Phil Davies, Project Coordinator, explains "we wanted to demonstrate best practice by following guidance on data sharing, data dissemination and community engagement. We also felt our annual Strategic Assessment report to the Home Office was limited - it doesn't allow people to explore the data on their terms. We wanted to create an interactive report that presents much of the evidence in the form of visual pictures to make it easier to explore and interpret. We have produced a report on one interactive page that delivers much of the static graphics in the Assessment. We have also embedded text from the report into the application to help people interpret what they're looking at. We hope this sort of tool will lead to greater community empowerment through more effective engagement - an area which CDRPs are being strongly encouraged to address." Read more in the case study on the Amethyst site.
Prof. Aseel Alawadi
Prof. Aseel Alawadi
Dr. Aseel Alawadi gave an excellent speech, attacking and lashing out at "Jamiyat Al-Islah Alijtemae" Society, (Kuwait Muslim Brotherhood's). Dr. Aseel severely criticized those Muslim fundamentalists and raised critical questions challenging them to provide studies, including statistics on existing or reported cases of AIDS in Kuwait resulting from mixed education in Kuwait University or in other private and public educational institutes in the country! This response by Dr. Aseel was addressing allegations included in the abusive, illegal statement published by "Jamiat Alislah Alijtemae" Society on Feb.18, 2008. I strongly support Alawadi's scientific analysis included in her response to Muslim Brotherhood's abusive statement, and I wonder if Muslim Brotherhood's or "Jamiat AlIslah Alijtema'e" would submit any kind of scientific studies to support the content of their abusive statement, published yesterday.