The Influence of the neo-cons, Specifically Prejudice and Bigotry in the Climate Change Debate

Today, (Friday, February 12, 2010) the Politics in the Pub organised a debate “POST-COPENHEGAN – AUSTRALIA’S ETS – WHERE TO NOW?” Two good speakers were Dr. Mark Diesendorfe of University of Technology and Green MLC John Key. They made a beautiful presentation. They also dispelled lots of myths.



During the question time Sydney identity Faruque Ahmed asked the following question:

“Do you like to talk about The Influence of the neo-cons, Specifically Prejudice and Bigotry in the Climate Change Debate? Right now, the scientists are not talking. In fact the politicians, spin doctors, shock jocks, neo-cons, … who by the way got a very bad track record are in many ways steering the debate! They have removed the science and facts from the debate. In reality, they have cunningly injected prejudice and bigotry in this very important discussion. More or less, they are saying, this is a taxing the rich nations to pop up the corrupt and poorer African, Asian and Latin American countries! This is another way to destroy factories and farmers of Australia, … . Very emotive statements without any foundation whatsoever! To understand this situation we have to examine a carefully choreographed paranoia over ‘boat people’. Recently a few leaky boats are arriving in Australia with their cargo, e.g. refugees from Sri Lanka. Many of them are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and not Muslims. However, due to the existence of a ‘memoranda of understanding’ between Australia and Indonesia, the Indonesian police have been rounding up ‘Mislim’ refugees from Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan who intend to sail for Australia! You see, "the ‘Mislims' are bad people, they threw their babies in the water to gain sympathy and wear burqas"! You see, prejudice and bigotry works.”

It was a lively discussion forum of Sydney. Unfortunately such open and live debates and discussions are not available in the Australian media! Last year, the shock jocks and spin doctors managed to change the leadership of a major political party over a totally false and jaundiced debate about the “Climate Change’ or ‘Global Warming”. Would you believe the main stream media outlets are cunningly preventing Sydney identity Faruque Ahmed from speaking up too!


Faruque Ahmed

Secretary, NSW Taxi Drivers Association

Mobile: 041 091 4118, Friday, February 12, 2010