The Caged Virgin is NOT a Virgin

The Caged Virgin is NOT a Virgin

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The Caged Virgin (Holland's shameful treatment of Ayaan Hirsi Ali) By Christopher Hitchens is NOT virgin in the first place!


 Viseslava Rasajski-Sasic


we all very well know why she lied - she had to, otherwise she would have never made it ...However, she confessed shortly afterwards,as soon as the "danger"was at least a tiny bit over.Anyway, she paid big price for her lies and she necer complained about it.For me, she is someone everyone can look up to - a strong personality who was destined to succeed.Viska

Wednesday, October 06, 2010, 1:11:01 AM


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Mr. Hitchens, Would you care to also mention that Ayaan Hirsi Ali lied in her political asylum application in Holland and that she never ever resided in any refugee camps of the 3 countries her family lived before she stopped over in Holland. Her affluent family had ways to get her into a westren country but she chose to lie in her asylum application to gain resiedency in Holland. Would you care to mention that Mr. Hitchens?

Saturday, June 19, 2010, 11:38:12 AM


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Don Liston


Please, Ms Ayaan Hirsi Ali tell everyone about the cleric who introduced the oxymoron, "holy war" into Islam. His name was Mohammed Ibn al Wahab and he led his followers to murder other Muslims, descrated the Prophet's Tomb in Madinah, tried to destroy the shrine in Makkah. He was a dangerously insane man who established all of the hatefilled theology is now taking over Islam.  


I am neither Muslim nor an Islamic scholar but I know the writing of a madman when I see it. His progeny still have a lot of influence in KSA.

Thursday, May 27, 2010, 9:11:16 AM

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Ayaan Hirshi Ali

Muslim and Arab bashings are the most spectacular sports in the town! That’s why the professional liar became an overnight super star and eventually she was elected at the Dutch Parliament. Her main allies were and still are the Zionists and other zionised forces around the world.

Her lies were exposed. Good Dutch peoples are ashamed of her. She was kicked out of the Dutch Parliament and the people would have been happy to get rid of her.

Surprise! Surprise!! The Zionised Americans made her their new goddess and re-starting their anti-Muslim and anti-Arab crusades based on her usual nitrogenous wastes!!!

Probably, that’s why Faruque Ahmed of Free America Now said, “Generally speaking, Muslims and Arabs used to protect the ‘Christ Killer Jews’ and nowadays they are paying back to Muslims and Arabs very nicely in accordance with the Zionist culture and tradition mentioned in many ancient literatures!”


Source: Ayaan Hirshi Ali